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Talking to Fisherman[edit | edit source]

  • If Fish Flingers hasn't started yet, but you can teleport to the waiting area
    • Fisherman: Fish Flingers starts in x minutes.
  • If you just missed Fish Flingers
    • Fisherman: You've just misses the start of a Fish Flingers competition, I'm afraid. The waiting area for the next Fish Flingers competition opens in x minutes. If you speak to me again then, I'll teleport you to the competition.
  • If Fish Flingers won't start for several more minutes
    • Fisherman: The waiting area for the next Fish Flingers competition opens in x minutes. If you speak to me again then, I'll teleport you to the competition.
      • If a competition is about to start
        • Teleport me to Fish Flingers.
          • Fisherman: When Fish Flingers starts you will use one of your entry tickets, leaving you with x more tickets. Okay?
            • Yes, I'll use a ticket to compete.
              • If the competition has already started
                • Fisherman: Oh no! The Fish Flingers competition has started I'm afraid, so I can't teleport you. The next competition starts in x minutes. If you speak to me again then, I'll teleport you to the competition.
              • If the competition hasn't started
            • No, I've changed my mind.
        • Give me a hint for the next competition.
          • Not ready
            • Fisherman: We're still tidying up from the last competition. Give me a minute and I'll have that hint for you.
          • Potential clues
            • Fisherman: You'll find yearning trout at the docks. They're known to like fluttering creatures, particularly green ones.
            • (More clues transcript missing. edit)
      • If there is no competition about to start soon
        • Can I enter the competition now?
          • Fisherman: The waiting area for the next Fish Flingers competition opens in x minutes. If you speak to me again then, I'll teleport you to the competition.
      • About Fish Flingers...
        • Fisherman: What would you like me to tell you?
          • What is the competition about?
            • Fisherman: It's a chance for ou to show how well you can catch fish by choosing the best tackle and habitat. Us old-timers know of a special place, Isla Anglerine, where huge schools of unusual fish seem to gather. I'm not sure what the fish find so appealing there, but it's a fisherman's paradise! I can teleport you to the island if you want to take part. Just say the word.
          • How do I catch fish?
            • Fisherman: Once I've teleported you, wait in the starting area for the competition to begin. Then, walk to the waterfront where you would like to fish. Next, select a hook and bait that you think the fish will like, add some weights to get the cast distance you need, and you're ready to cast your line. As you catch fish you'll be shown how effective your tackle is, and you'll be able to make improvements as you learn what each fish likes. Remember, different species are different sizes. You'll need to try fishing in different areas to find the heaviest species. It's also worth remembering that fish are adaptable creatures, so tackle that works well in one competition might not work so well in the next.
          • How often can I compete?
            • Fisherman: Everyone is allowed 2 entry tickets every day. We hang on to the tickets for you, so there's no need to carry them about or store them in your bank. If you want to know how many you have left, or you want to claim more tickets, just let me know.
              • How many entry tickets do I have left?
                • Fisherman: You've got x tickets left at the moment.
              • When can I next claim entry tickets?
                • Fisherman: Enough time has passed since you last claimed entry tickets, so you can claim more as soon as you've used up the ones you have left.
              • Is there another way of getting entry tickets?
                • Fisherman: Funny you should ask that. We had a fierce storm recently. The gale picked up a whole load of entry tickets and scattered them all across Gielinor. We picked up any we could find, but most of them ended up in the water. So, you never know. You might find an entry ticket whenever you catch fish.
              • Let's talk about something else...
                • (returns to initial options)
          • About the competition score...
            • Give me a copy of my competition history.
              • The fisherman hands you a Fish Flingers scorecard.
            • How is my score calculated?
              • Fisherman: We take into account the number of fish caught, the total weight caught, and the heaviest fish caught. We also include how many big fish you caught and how often you helped other contestants to catch their big fish. Finding the perfect tackle for each species is an important part of fishing. You'll get bonus points for each species you find the perfect tackle for. You'll know you've found the perfect tackle when your rating for catching that fish reaches 100%. After the competition you'll be shown your results, so you'll be able to see what had an impact on your score.
            • Tell me about big fish.
              • Fisherman: Maintain a 100% rating, and you'll eventually hook a valuable big fish. Big fish are so heavy that you'll need assistance from other contestants to heave it out of the water. Catching big fish significantly improves your score, but helping others to catch their big fish earns you the greatest reward of all.
            • Tell me about medals.
              • Fisherman: If you perform well enough you'll receive up to four medals, which give you a bonus to your score. The noticeboard in the waiting area describes the conditions to win medals.
            • Let's talk about something else...
              • (returns to initial options)
          • Let's talk about something else...
            • (returns to initial options)
      • Show me the rewards shop.
        • Opens Fish Flingers Reward Shop interface
      • About rewards...
        • Tell me about the Fishing experience reward.
          • Fisherman: You'll find that the extra skill involved in competitive fishing can earn you more experience than your everyday fishing. At the end of each competition you'll receive all the experience you've earned, so there's no need to speak to me to collect it. It might take you a few tries to get used to the competition tackle, but once you've learned the best way to find and catch the biggest fish species you should notice a great improvement in the experience you get. The amount of experience you earn depends on your skill at Fishing. Having a higher Fishing level means you earn more experience.
        • I'd like to know more about the raw fish reward.
          • Fisherman: We'll give you noted raw fish, which is much easier to carry to the bank. When you claim your noted fish you'll be given a selection of fish appropriate to your Fishing level. For example, if you'd normally be fishing swordfish, you'll be given a mix of swordfish and lobsters.
        • Tell me about the tackle box reward.
          • Fisherman: The tackle box holds fishing equipment and raw fish, saving you inventory and bank space. They also hold a copy of your competition history, so you can review your performance. Admittedly, when you first get your tackle box it won't hold much, but over time you can upgrade it so it will hold much more.
        • Tell me about the fishing outfit reward.
          • Fisherman: The fishing outfit increases the amount of Fishing experience you get. When you're fishing or playing Fish Flingers, it's a good idea to wear as many pieces of the fishing outfit as possible.
        • Let's talk about something else.
          • (returns to initial options)

Overhead[edit | edit source]

  • Fisherman: Fish Flingers starts in x minutes