Transcript of First Chosen

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First Chosen

I am out of tribes to talk to now - we have Crucible games based on twelve different traditions. Tapped out. Was scared of next visit to Big High but I got the call. I stood silent, nothing new to give him. He stare at me. I still silent. Just stood there looking at him, not cowering, eyes open wide. Felt like forever.

Then he broke silence. Said I have graduated, that I am true goblin, forged in Crucible. I earn true goblin name - Zealheart - for my devotion to him and my love for him. Who am I to argue? I happy, I go home.

But before I turn to leave, he stopped me, said the games could have come from anywhere, but making me do them was a test. Bandos said Zealheart was creative thinker, something he not like so much of greenskins, so I was worried he changed mind. Instead he say I am chosen, did something magic to me, made me feel tingly but stronger. I know not what it mean. He say to me to make many more goblins and send them to Warforge. All to be chosen if survive Warforge. My hope is children can better stand up for and protect gobbos than I did.

-Zealheart of the Dorgeshuun, First Chosen