Dialogue for Financial advisor

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  • Financial advisor: Money is useful because you can buy items from the Grand Exchange if you don't want to craft them yourself.
  • Gold coins are the currency of the human kingdoms. Your coins are kept in your money pouch at the bottom of your backpack. You currently have 0 coins.
  • Financial advisor: There are three basic ways to make money: skilling, combat and trading. Some people have work for an adventurer like you, and will reward you for completing quests. Many enemies will drop items when they die. You can sell them to a general store or on the Grand Exchange in Varrock. By getting a high level in skills, such as Cooking, Mining, Smithing or Fishing, you can create or gather your own items and sell them for pure profit. You can only carry so many items in your backpack. You can deposit items you want to keep and not sell into your bank.
  • After accessing the bank
  • Financial advisor: You're nearly finished. The Prayer instructor would like to have a chat with you in the nearby church.