Transcript of Fight Arena journal entry

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  • I encountered a distraught Lady Servil, who said that her son and husband had been kidnapped by the evil General Khazard, and were being forced to fight in his fight arena.
  • I headed to the arena to try and find Lady Servil's son and husband.
  • I found some Khazard armour in the armoury, on the north-east edge of town. I used it to disguise myself as a guard so I could look around.
  • I found Lady Servil's son, Sammy Servil, in one of the prison cells. He told me that a bald, fat, lazy guard with a goatee was in charge of the keys.
  • I found the guard Sammy mentioned. He said that he'd like a drink, but too much Khali brew would make him fall asleep.
  • I plied the lazy guard with some Khali brew and he passed out. I was able to steal his keys.
  • I found and freed Sammy, who told me that his father had been taken to fight in the Fight Arena. We went there to save him.
  • I had to fight a large ogre to stop it killing Sir Servil. When I'd defeated it, General Khazard had locked me up.
  • I was led to the fight arena and forced to fight a colossal scorpion, followed by Khazard's monstrous pet dog called Bouncer.
  • General Khazard released the Servils, but he was so angry that I'd killed Bouncer that he came to fight me himself.
  • I escaped from the arena and returned to Lady Servil, She thanked me profusely and rewarded me for my help.