Transcript of Fifth stone fragment

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You feel a faint rumbling in the ground beneath your feet and dust begins to shake off the statue. A voice starts to whisper from within...

You bring me a fragment filled with dark energy. Unnatural. Twisted... Corrupted. This has come into contact with the water beast Yakamaru. A once great spirit guardian who roamed the rivers and seas of Mazcab. When Tuska came she brought with her the Airut that plague this land, but many have not seen the true extent of their blight. There are certain Airut that have harnessed far greater power than comes naturally to them, such as those known as the Beastmaster and the Shaman. The Shaman in particular wields a dreadful magic, spreading corruption where he walks and warping the minds of his victims. The spirit guardian Yakamaru fell prey to this evil. No longer does it protect the inhabitants of this world but instead, like so many others, it must serve its Airut masters.