Dialogue for Ferryman

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  • Ferryman: Who are you?
  • Player:
    • Player.
      • Ferryman: Never heard of ya.
    • The world guardian.
      • Ferryman: Yea? Well I'm the Underworld guardian.
    • Who's asking?
      • Ferryman: The Ferryman is.
    • Well, my name is Player.
      • Ferryman: So it is.
  • Player: Ok... Ka told me to talk to you about boating on the River Noumenon.
  • Ferryman: What is it ya wanna know?
    • Ask about soul collection.
      • Ferryman: Well, I guess we need the help. If ya wanna get ya hands dirty then take a boat from one of the jetties beside the bridge. Once you're on the river ya can row about collectin' souls. The more ya collect, the more Noumenon Favour ya get for escortin' them over the bridge.
    • Ask about special souls.
      • Ferryman: Ah, so you've heard of the 'special' souls have ya? The chosen few? Those are the ones that deserve a chance of reincarnation. Icthlarin hasn't seen 'em yet, what with him being so busy 'n' all. If ya manage to collect one, you'll absorb their power and gain skill in what ever their profession was in life. Today I have noticed these souls are the five special souls of the day.
    • Ask about chests.
      • Ferryman: Oh yes, almost forgot about the chests. Sometimes we get odd things surfacing on the river. All sorts get lost in the Noumenon. If ya keep your eyes peeled ya might notice a chest float up every so often. Get all kinds of things outta those.
    • Goodbye