Transcript of Father of Dragons

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I have had some success in grafting the Raksha's removed traits into a trio of female rexes of other classifications - a bagrada, corbicula and pavosaurus, to be specific. The abilities seem to have taken, albeit at a reduced level potency. That is perhaps for the better, as while these classifications of rexes easier for us to subdue and control, I do not want to create a new threat for us to contend with. Still, there are other traits that could give these dinosaurs greater worth, for instance our own fire-breathing and wings would be a significant improvement over their feeble roars and tiny arms. however, the concept of grafting kin traits directly leaves an ill taste in my mouth. Perhaps wings can be introduced by cross-splicing with the indigenous apoterrasaurs, and fire breath from some of the rarer salamanders found on this island.

My end goal is for this trio of rexes to act as the matriarchs of a new breed of dinosaurs. While they may have their uses now, they could be improved upon, made more akin to us, and thus more useful as a result. It will also allow us an opportunity to both better understand them and also to subdue them. We cannot allow another incident like the Raksha. dragosaurs - part kin, part dinosaur.

-Kerapac, Dactyl scientist, Kindra fledgling