Transcript of Fate of the Gods journal entry

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  • I can begin this quest by talking to Azzanadra south of the Eagles' Peak lodestone..[sic]
  • I spoke to Azzanadra who said he has a mission from me. Well, actually the mission comes through him from Zaros himself!
  • I have agreed to meet Zaros where he is currently residing, outside of Gielinor.
  • To reach Zaros, I need to use the World Gate, which is currently hidden in the Shadow Realm. To reach it I'm having to rely on Sliske.
  • Sliske has brought me into the Shadow Realm. I can see the World Gate, but Sliske wants to talk to me about something first.
  • Sliske's real motivation for bringing me into the Shadow Realm was to tell me his proposition - that I could choose to either help or sabotage Zaros's return! He still wants me to power the World Gate, though - I should ask him how.
  • Sliske revealed the combination to power the World Gate. I have to use the gate's controls to rotate the ring right to the first symbol, left to the second, and right to the third - like a giant safe!
  • I've powered up the World Gate. I should tell Sliske.
  • After whispering words of sabotage in my ear, Sliske brought the World Gate into the material realm. I should check in with Azzanadra before stepping through.
  • Azzanadra asked if Sliske said anything while we were in the Shadow Realm. He also said that neither of them could go with me. Once through the gate, I'm on my own. I guess it's time to step through the World Gate.
  • If you didn't tell Azzanadra
    • I didn't tell Azzanadra what Sliske said.
  • If you told Azzanadra
    • I told Azzanadra what Sliske said.
  • I stepped through the gate and arrived on a dark and desolate plane. Zaros was not there to greet me...but[sic] I do feel like I'm being watched. I should find shelter from this dangerous environment.
  • I dodged lava and lightning to reach shelter - a place called the Sanctum. I'm not sure how I know that. There is a strange device at the centre of the room, and a large locked door on the north wall that's banging. I should investigate the door.
  • Something was banging the door from the other side, but whatever it was ran off. As it did so, some symbols appeared on the door. I think these symbols are part of a locking mechanism.
  • I've made some progress in unlocking the door in the Sanctum - I think I've got the hang of it now. I should continue until it unlocks and opens.
  • I have unlocked the Sanctum door. As I did, a rush of cold air poured out. I'm apprehensive, but I should see where this leads.
  • Past the Sanctum, I discovered an area known as the Pit. As I entered the centre of the room, I was trapped inside and ambushed by a pack of creatures called nihil! I have no choice but to kill them.
  • I survived the nihil ambush and the northern gates have opened. There's still no sign of Zaros. The northern exit appears to lead to a long climb inside and around a volcano!
  • I have reached the volcano peak and there's something up here. Whatever it is, it's not moving. There's still no sign of Zaros...unless[sic] this thing IS him. I should keep exploring.
  • It's moving now, and it's definitely not Zaros, who has finally appeared as I was backing away from the giant...thing[sic] in the volcano crater. Zaros has dragged us into my mind to converse.
  • Within my mind, Zaros has given me some crucial information: that he was created by the being in the crater - the elder god, Mah - and he needs me to gather some of her energy to weave him a new body! But first, I will have to survive Mah's onslaught. I should talk to Zaros some more.
  • Zaros has offered to help me survive Mah's violent dream by temporarily inhabiting my body to lend me his strength!
  • Mah dreamed some muspah into existence, which attacked me, but I was able to hold on until she fell back into a deeper sleep. I can finally talk to Zaros in peace.
  • Zaros instructed me to enter the Elder Halls, which are beneath Mah, towards the planet's core. Here, he has asked that I gather some of her leaked elder energy and weave it into a divine simulacrum.
  • He suspects there might be a tool within the Elder Halls, which I can use to find elder wisps.
  • I can either weave the energy into a dark simulacrum, which is what Zaros needs to return at full strength, or I can sabotage his new body by weaving a light simulacrum.
  • I have woven a divine simulacrum for Zaros. I should return with him to the Cradle and present it to him.
  • I presented a divine simulacrum to Zaros.
  • If you gave Zaros a dark simulacrum
    • Zaros has returned at full strength! I should talk to him about this.
  • Zaros wanted to discuss my choices before we headed back to Gielinor. We did not have long, because Mah fully awoke when Zaros got his new body! He wishes to address his loyalist followers.
  • I have returned with Zaros to Gielinor. He is addressing his loyal followers upon what he wishes to happen now that he is back.
  • Zaros has excommunicated Sliske!
  • I have discovered that I have been under Zaros's protection! His followers have been helping me to learn, survive and grow in strength.
  • Zaros has sent Char to keep an eye on Sliske, to ensure he does not retaliate.
  • Zaros has ordered Nex to keep the younger gods' wars in check, as best as she can.
  • Azzanadra has been tasked with seeking out Gielinor's own Elder Halls!
  • Finally, Zaros has asked me to try to find a way to deal with the dragonkin!
  • I discovered and placed all of the Zaros memoriam crystals into the reader and obtained a Helm of Zaros cosmetic override.
  • I discovered and placed all of the Seren memoriam crystals into the reader and obtained a Crest of Seren cosmetic override.
  • I had my 6th Age circuit upgraded to allow me to teleport to the World Gate.
  • Azzanadra gave me three combat XP lamps, which I've used.
  • I revisited the Empyrium Citadel[sic], where Sliske appeared to me. I thought for a moment he was trying to turn me into a Barrows wight again, but he has instead enabled me to peer into the Shadow Realm unaided.
  • I informed Wahisietel of Zaros's return and he thanked me with a large XP lamp.
  • I placed the Measure on some cliffs within the Kharidian Desert and found an elder chronicle.
  • I placed the Measure on the TzHaar volcano and found an elder chronicle.
  • I placed the Measure on Entrana and found an elder chronicle.
  • I placed the measure on Ice Mountain and found a chronicle.