Transcript of Farewell to Kili

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My dearest Kili,

Well, this is a story state I've found myself in. I've been kidnapped by bloomin' goblins, of all things. Smuggled off to some pit in Saradomin-knows-where. They've broken me. All I want is to come home to you, but I know I shall never see you again, that you'll believe me dead.

I'm under no allusions that you will ever see this letter, but I must write it to stave off my own despair. It took enough to convince them I need writing materials to do the work here they want of me. And that is? They only want me to build a bloody great forge in here - production line, no less. I don't know how they're thinking they'll get a production line going with just the one dwarf, but hey ho.

My survival now depends on compliance, so I suppose I'd better start drawing up schematics and the required materials. They've got a rudimentary setup here already but it's old and in disrepair, and nowhere close to imcando standards.

I am resigned to it, though. This is my life now, there is no escape. Farewell, my love.