Transcript of Family Crest journal entry

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  • I have agreed to restore Dimintheis' family crest to him.
  • I found Caleb at Gertrude's house outside Varrock and told him of my Quest for his father to restore his Family Crest.
  • I discovered the Crest had been split into three with each of Dimintheis' three sons taking a piece each.
  • I gave Caleb the Swordfish, Bass, Tuna, Salmon and Shrimp he needed for his salad in return for his crest piece.
  • I found Avan by some gold rocks North of Al Kharid.
  • Avan gave me his crest piece in return for a ruby ring and ruby necklace made of high quality 'perfect gold'.
  • I found Johnathon looking very ill at the Jolly Boar Inn.
  • He soon recovered when I used an antipoison potion on him.
  • I took all three pieces of the crest back to Dimintheis in Varrock. As a reward Dimintheis gave me some magical gauntlets that could be enchanted by his sons to give them bonuses in specific skills, and would always return to Dimintheis for me to reclaim if I ever lost them.