Transcript of Eye of Het I (miniquest)

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This transcript involves dialogue with Icthlarin and the player.

Talking to Icthlarin to starting the miniquest[edit | edit source]

  • Player: Icthlarin! What happened here?
  • Icthlarin: I came here to find a relic that will aid us in the war against the Elder Gods. Some great disaster preceded me, and now I cannot reach it.
  • Icthlarin: Will you help me find it in the ruins?
  • The quest acceptance interface opens.
      • Icthlarin: Very well. Return to me when you are ready.
      • (Without meeting the requirements:)
        • You do not meet the requirements to start : 'Eye of Get I (miniquest)'.
      • (Meeting the requirements:)
        • Player: I thought this was the Duel Arena?
        • Icthlarin: That's what it became known as, yes. Long before that, it was a great shrine dedicated to Het.
        • Icthlarin: I was not here to see the destruction, but those who witnessed it tell me the sand opened up and swallowed the arena whole.
        • Icthlarin: I've never seen anything like it - not around here...
        • Player: You came here to look for something?
        • Icthlarin: Yes. Seren's alliance against the Elder Gods is getting desperate.
        • Icthlarin: They are running out of forces to defend the cathedral, even resorting to necromancy to keep the lines replenished. I offered them my assistance, which brings me here.
        • Icthlarin: The Duel Arena, as you call it, is the site of Het's tomb. While he lived, Het forged the sunstone from Tumeken's light to create an amulet.
        • Icthlarin: He enchanted it with some of his magic and it became known as his Eye - the Eye of Het. With it, her learned to revive the kinds of souls who wished to return to life.
        • Icthlarin: It hasn't been used for centuries but Seren has asked me to recover it. She wishes to find an alternative to Zamorak's necromancy, so she does not have to bring any more soldiers onto the field.
        • Icthlarin: I agreed on the condition that the Eye remains in my power. Before I could find it, through, the earthquake struck, leaving the ruins you see now.
          • Revive souls? Isn't that a kind of necromancy?
            • Player: Het could revive souls? Isn't that a kind of necromancy?
            • Icthlarin: Not in the form you know.
            • Icthlarin: To drag a zombie from a grave and bind it to your service is a trivial abomination. Recalling a soul by it's own will and gifting it time to be free once more, if only temporarily... that is something else entirely.
            • Icthlarin: Harold disapproved, of course, but I convinced him that Het would not abuse the power. And he never did.
            • Icthlarin: After Het... passed, we agreed that the Eye would never be used again. The risks were too great. So it was sealed away, and its memory forgotten.
            • (Shows the previous options.)
          • Where have you been?
            • Player: Where have you been?
            • Icthlarin: Seeking help from across the planes. Given the stakes of this war, we need all the help that can be mustered.
            • Player: Did you find anyone?
            • Icthlarin: I regret to say it, but no. None. But not for lack of trying, I assure you.
            • Icthlarin: The races who did not drive me away rarely believed me, and if I was believed, none wished to send their warriors away.
            • Icthlarin: How does one convince a distant world to follow a strange god into the unknown? Why would they believe that the universe is in danger? Why should they?
            • Icthlarin: I understand why they chose to stay, I truly do. But I fear what may happen because of it.
            • (Shows the previous options.)
          • Who's Het?
            • Player: Who's Het?
            • Icthlarin: You're not familiar? Het is part of my pantheon. One of the lesser gods.
            • Icthlarin: My... half-brother, of sorts, though not in a literal sense. Tumeken created us both.
            • Icthlarin: Tumeken, my father, made Het to stand for the strength and fortitude needed to survive the desert. He's quite popular with the Kharidians around here, understandably.
            • (Shows the previous options.)
          • Continue...
            • Player: Is the relic still here?
            • Icthlarin: It is hidden by old magic, but yes. I can sense it has not moved.
            • Icthlarin: It's in here somewhere, but the earthquake destabilised the ruins. We should make sure it's safe to explore before we go looking for the Eye.
            • Icthlarin: I saw a way into the ruins to the north of here. Go in and clear any fallen rubble you find. Once the structure has been made safe again, we can start our search.
            • Player: Can't you help?
            • Icthlarin: You're smaller than me, and far more nimble! I would only cause more rockfall.
            • Icthlarin: In any case, the survivors could do with some reassurance. I'm best placed to do that here.
            • (If the rubble has already been cleared:)
              • Player: I've already cleared up the rubble, actually!
              • Icthlarin: Ah, good work.
              • (Continues below.)

Clearing the rubble[edit | edit source]

Clearing fallen masonry[edit | edit source]

  • Rubble cleared: [number]/4
  • (If all the rubble is cleared:)
    • Player: There! That's all the rubble cleared. I should see what Icthlarin wants to do next.

Talking to Icthlarin[edit | edit source]

  • Icthlarin: How goes clearing the rubble?
  • (If all the rubble is not cleared:)
    • Player: It's not quite done yet.
    • Icthlarin: Keep at it. Once the ruins are secure we can start searching for the Eye.
  • (If all the rubble is cleared:)
    • Player: It's all clear! The ruins are safe to traverse.
    • Icthlarin: Excellent. Now we can start searching in earnest.
    • Player: Where should we start looking?
    • Icthlarin: The Eye was hidden inside Het's shrine, locked behind powerful wards. I think I can remember how to undo them, but first... take a look at that.
    • Player: What is that?
    • Icthlarin: Some sort of interference with the wards. Magical, by the feel of it.
    • Player: What do you think is causing it?
    • Icthlarin: Hmm. Hard to say. Could be the wards reacting to the destruction...
    • Icthlarin: Or it could be some remnant of what caused the collapse. I'll need to find out more to know for sure.
    • Icthlarin: For now, I will work on understanding the wards. You find and close those rifts, to make sure they don't spread. Come back to me when you're done.

Closing the rifts[edit | edit source]

Talking to Icthlarin before closing the rifts[edit | edit source]

  • Icthlarin: Have you found all the rifts?
  • Player: Not yet.
  • Icthlarin: Do you need any help?
    • Yes please!
      • (With no rifts closed:)
        • Icthlarin: The first one is right there, just behind you.
      • (With one rift closed:)
        • Icthlarin: I believe the next one to the north-east of here, near the eastern wall.
      • (With two rifts closed:)
        • Icthlarin: It's to the south-east of here, near the southern wall.
      • (With three rifts closed:)
        • Icthlarin: I can sense it to the east of here, near the statue.
    • No, I'm good.
      • Icthlarin: Come back to me when you are done, then.

First rift[edit | edit source]

  • Rifts closed: 1/4
    Next rift to the north-east.

Second rift[edit | edit source]

  • Rifts closed: 2/4
    Next rift to the south.

Third rift[edit | edit source]

  • Rifts closed: 3/4
    Next rift to the north-west.

Fourth rift[edit | edit source]

  • Rifts closed: 4/4
    All rifts closed.
  • Player: That's all of them! I should go let Icthlarin know.

Talking to Icthlarin after closing the rifts[edit | edit source]

  • Icthlarin: The disturbances are cleared. Good.
  • Player: I think the relic is inside the statue.
  • Icthlarin: As I suspected. Come - let us investigate.
  • Screen fades to black and back in. Icthlarin and the player are at the Statue of Het.

Stabilising the rifts[edit | edit source]

Attempting to use any of the Agility shortcuts[edit | edit source]

  • Icthlarin: Now is not the time for that, Player.

Talking to Icthlarin[edit | edit source]

  • Icthlarin: I will attempt to undo the wards hiding the relic in Het's tomb.
  • Icthlarin: Be on your guard. I should be able to diffuse most of the defences without ill effect, but should anything slip by, I will need you to handle it.
  • Player: What should I look out for?
  • Icthlarin: The wards will fight my interference, so look out for anything strange. Instabilities. Abnormalities. You're likely better versed in the terms for it than I. I will point them out if I see them.
  • Player: Understood.
  • Icthlarin: Are you ready?
    • Yes!
      • Icthlarin: Then let us begin.
      • Icthlarin begins to diffuse the defences.
    • Not yet.
      • Icthlarin: Come back to me when you are.

Talking to Icthlarin when he's busy[edit | edit source]

  • Icthlarin is too focused to talk right now!

Icthlarin directing you to the rifts[edit | edit source]

  • Icthlarin: There, on my right!
  • Icthlarin: There's one on my left!
  • Icthlarin: Quickly, now - it's behind the statue!

Stabilising the rifts[edit | edit source]

  • Rifts stabilised: [number]/3
  • (If all the rifts are stabilised:)
    • Icthlarin: That's done it, Player! Come and take a look at this...

Talking to Icthlarin after stabilising the rifts[edit | edit source]

  • Icthlarin: The wards are cleared, Player.
  • Icthlarin: See if you can find the relic inside Het's tomb. I will stand guard while you search.

Talking to Ichlarin to get back to Het's statue[edit | edit source]

Finding the Eye[edit | edit source]

Taking the Eye of Het when you already have one[edit | edit source]

  • As you attempt to take the relic, your hand passes right through it. Spooky.

Talking to Icthlarin[edit | edit source]

  • Icthlarin: Have you found the Eye?
  • (If you don't have the Eye of Het:)
    • Player: Not yet.
    • Icthlarin: Keep searching. It should be inside Het's tomb somewhere.
  • (If you have the Eye of Het:)
    • Player: Is this it?
    • Player has Eye of Het removed from them.
    • Icthlarin: Yes!
    • Icthlarin: Beautiful, isn't it? That's a real sunstone, you know. Tumeken's light manifest. A source of very powerful magic.
    • Icthlarin: Despite the circumstances, it's good to find this again. I feared it might not have survived all those years hidden away.
    • Player: Will you take it to Seren?
    • Icthlarin: I will... but not quite yet. This destruction has worried me.
    • Icthlarin: I need to make sure the relic didn't cause it, somehow. I will keep it safe until I know for sure what happened here.
    • Icthlarin: Thank you, World Guardian. The ruins are yours to explore - who knows what else you might find?
    • Miniquest complete!
    • Player receives Medium XP lamp.
    • Congratulations! You have completed: 'Eye of Het I (miniquest)' - Complete this Novice miniquest.

Post-miniquest dialogue[edit | edit source]

Talking to Icthlarin before the release of Eye of Het II (miniquest)[edit | edit source]

  • Icthlarin: Thank you, World Guardian. The ruins are yours to explore - who knows what else you might find?