Transcript of Eye for an Eye (music track)

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Far east from the lands of Gielinor,
Our islands of mist,
Does rise from the ocean,
Where we have our tryst,
Those strange is our appearance,
In the uncultured eye,
No one dare deny us our right to survive,

For years now uncounted,
We lived with our kin,
A tribe of mighty giants,
None else was within
The seed of our kindred,
Has been lost in time,
But the cyclops will endure 'til the last day of time,
Of time...

A-sailing we'll go,
I'll take you on a journey,
If the wind comes to blow,
You'll see by my stature I'm not one to shy,
From the fear of the weak man,
I see with this eye,
One eye...

Through sweltering jungles,
I hunt all the beasts,
Their claws tear my flesh,
But I won't be its feast,
My fists will come a-pounding,
My cutlass flash by,
The blade it bites deep,
And the monster have no choice but die,
But die...

I once came across a zombie,
A grim moaning thing,
While others would tremble,
My face creased a grin,
This creature of darkness,
Was no match for me,
With a right hook,
And a left,
Then the thing was brought down to its knees,
Its knees...


We steal from the ships,
Of the witless that come,
Who dare try to plunder,
Our riches and rum,
If any stray near,
Then I'll buckle his swash,
And I'll blow the man down,
While his bones I will squash,
Will squash...

So come now ye travellers,
And sip from our cup,
Of the strong draught we brew here,
If you dare to sup,
But be warned me hearties,
You're best not to try,
Our patience or virtue,
For we'll take an eye for an eye,
An eye...


One eye...
One eye...
One eye...
One eye...
One eye...
One eye...
One eye...