Transcript of Evil Dave's Big Day Out journal entry

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  • I agreed to help Evil Dave perform one of his rituals to help impress his idol Zamorak!
  • After performing the ritual I awoke in Dave's bed with him nowhere to be found!
  • Looking in Dave's mirror and seeing Dave's reflection means something went horribly wrong with the ritual causing me to swap bodies with Dave.
  • I left the basement to see if I could locate Dave, Doris told me that a person she thought was me had left the house. It must have been Dave in my body.
  • Doris has grounded me and tasked me with doing chores.
  • I completed a series of chores that Doris tasked me with doing.
  • I completed all the chores Doris tasked me with and in doing so witnessed a vision of Dave meeting with Moia and Zamorak.
  • I searched around Dave's basement and found some clues.
  • Dave is banned from entering Falador, so if I'm to make chase I'll need to find a way of disguising myself.
  • I found his spellbook, a note that says 'Evil is best' and some runes for teleporting.
  • I found Dave's spellbook and have decided I should pay the Makeover mage a visit to change Dave's body into a woman's and become Davengelina.
  • I can use Dave's spellbook to teleport there with the runes I found.
  • I ran around the Grand Exchange and got all the runes needed to teleport to the Makeover mage once more.
  • After having spoken to the Makeover mage and convincing them that it is actually me in Dave's body, they agreed and transformed me into the ravishing Davina!
  • After making it back home I spoke to Doris. She realized I had left the house and has grounded me once more.
  • I witnessed another vision of Dave, who has completed the temple knight training to gain access to the White Knight's castle.
  • I completed all the chores Doris tasked me with FOR A SECOND TIME.
  • After telling Doris I have completed all her chores, she has gone out.
  • I snuck up through the back of the White Knights' Castle.
  • I found a very drunk Sir Amik Varze having a party.
  • After making it back home and I spoke to Doris. She realized I left the house and has grounded me once more.
  • I completed a series of chores that Doris tasked me with doing FOR THE THIRD TIME.
  • I told Doris I've completed her chores and she's gone out again!
  • I heard a massive crash come from the basement, as I was heading out the door!
  • I managed to smuggle all the hell-rats past Shantay.
  • I've found loads of suspicious looking holes in the desert.
  • Listening to a conversation inside the sinkhole the hell-rat discovered Saradomin and Sir Amik Varze!
  • After convincing Dave to come out and talk he panicked.
  • In a scram to teleport out fast we somehow ended up on Ice Mountain.
  • Doris sent me to my basement whilst she told *players name* off.
  • Whilst down there I realized I could use the hell-rats to perform the ritual to change us back.
  • After gathering enough rats I performed the ritual and managed to swap bodies back!
  • After speaking to Doris somehow the ritual has caused Doris and Dave to swap bodies!