Transcript of Epic of Hebe, excerpt 5

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There are many more fabled stories of Hebe, though the veracity of many of them is debated by our scholars. Over the course of her life, she ventured alone further and further away from Everlight. A light in the darkness for our kind. There were sporadic reports of her assisting our troops in various battles to the west, of her hunting down monsters and beasts just as fabled as she herself had become, and even of her supposed death and rebirth.

The stories suggest she somehow fought her way both into and back out of the Underworld itself! Surely, this is where history becomes mythology, but so revered has she become by the icyene, many believe it. One rumour that does appear to have taken hold within the public consciousness is that Hebe was eventually defeated in some far off jungle, and that Anax guards her still to this day, laying in the warm light cast by her hallowed lantern.

-Excerpt from 'The Epic of Hebe'