Transcript of Epic of Hebe, excerpt 4

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The patrols of Hebe extended beyond the stronghold of the icyene, and upon one such venture beyond the river, Hebe fell upon a warfare of hydras fleeing to the east. These were the Spawn of Loarnab. Among Zaros's empire, they were considered akin to vermin, living off the scraps of the capital's citizens, hiding in the sewers. Yet since the fall of Zaros, the vermin hydra had grown larger and become emboldened.

Hydra are said to continue growing for as long as they live and have an abundant source of food, be that growing in size or growing additional heads. One of this warfare in particular had indeed become quite large - about the size of a large auroch. That became Hebe's target. Fell that beast and the others would scatter in fear.

With xiphos in hand and her trusted lion ally at her side, they attacked, lopping off head after head, withstanding the many bites of the smaller hydra. With each head removed, Hebe burned the neck stump with her hallowed lantern - a fragment of Everlight which she carried with her wherever she travelled - slowing the regrowth of heads for long enough to slay the beast. With a final sword thrust through its heart, and the lion clawing out its guts, the largest hydra fell, and the smaller ones became vermin once more and ran away.

-Excerpt from 'The Epic of Hebe'