Transcript of Epic of Hebe, excerpt 3

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Hebe had achieved a certain level of infamy among her fellow icyene by this point, and she was spared conscripted military service. Her skills laid out another path for her. Saradomin himself intervened, and awarded her the rank of hetairoi, leader of her own house - a rare honour indeed. The hetairoi were free to engage in any war as they saw fit, so long as they were contributing towards the greater good.

Hebe's contribution was to somewhat reprise her role as a Twilight Knight, wandering along around icyene territory and on its outskirts, seeking out dangers and quashing them. One such danger that she came across was that of an untamed lion living in the Hallowglade near a human settlement. Its mother and siblings had been killed in some previous melee, and it had manged to escape and survive. Lions were brought here by Saradomin and raised as loyal allies, however this one had grown up feral and wild, not knowing an icyene until it met Hebe.

It of course, stalked and attacked her on sight, but she wrestled it to the ground, and while in her grasp she soothed its many wounds. There is, no doubt, more to the story than this, but Hebe never shared it, yet from that encounter onwards, the lion became her steadfast companion, patrolling with her, guarding the lands of the icyene. Anax was its name, ever ferocious and wild, but also ever loyal to her, to the extent it is rumoured that, upon her eventual death, it lay by her side until its own end, guarding her body forever more.

-Excerpt from 'The Epic of Hebe'