Transcript of Epic of Hebe, excerpt 1

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Here is to Hebe, the hero of legend - long may her deeds live on in the hearts of all icyene. She is a lesson unto us all - Twilight Knight, the Unwound, Tamer of Lions, Headhunter, Bull Fighter, Guardian of the Underworld.

We all know of her humble beginnings, a simple artisan's daughter. Her father wanted for her to have a better life, living beyond his means to provide for her a better education, martial training and private tutors to teach her music and the arts. His hope was for her to become more than him, to attain a higher station in life for herself and their future family.

Unfortunately, her music tutor was a man filled with lust and greed, an abusive soul to his students. But Hebe was a strong-willed individual even from a young age, and did not stand for it for even one second. Her rise was first to infamy, when she was found stood over his beaten and bloodied corpse, broken lute in hand.

It was ruled an act of self-defence, of course, but the tutor was a man with connections, and so an unjust sentence was meted out on Hebe. She was spared banishment, but only by being placed in the service of the Twilight Knights. There she learned to stand facing the encroaching night, protecting her migrating brothers and sisters, rescuing any she could who were swallowed by the darkness.

-Excerpt from 'The Epic of Hebe'