Transcript of Enlightened Journey journal entry

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  • I have agreed to help Auguste build an air balloon. I have no idea what he's talking about.
  • Auguste thinks if he pumps hot air into a sack it will rise and take us along with it. But we're going to run some tests first. Thank goodness.
  • I gathered all the materials Auguste required: three sheets of papyrus, a ball of wool, a full sack of potatoes and one unlit candle.
  • I made an origami balloon. Auguste said I could make these any time I want if I have the materials.
  • Auguste conducted the first experiment. There was an awful lot of fire.
  • Auguste conducted the second experiment. A flash mob appeared. They seem to have a grudge against science.
  • I gave Auguste all the supplies and made the basket for the balloon. The balloon is all made and looks impressive! Let's hope it doesn't end the way the experiments did.
  • Whew! We survived our first balloon flight. We successfully flew the first balloon to Taverley!
  • I can now make origami balloons. I can also use the balloon transport system. To go to new locations I should speak to Auguste on Entrana.