Dialogue for Enchantment Guardian

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  • Player: Hello.
  • Enchantment Guardian:Greetings young one. How can I enlighten you?
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    • What do I have to do in this room?
      • Player: What do I have to do in this room?
      • Enchantment Guardian: In this chamber you will see various piles of shapes. You can pick up these shapes and enchant them using the enchant jewelry[sic] spells. By enchanting these shapes, you'll be converting them into orbs which you can place in the hole in the centre. You will get Enchantment Pizazz Points for every ten shapes that you convert and the points you get depends[sic] on the level of enchantment spell you cast. You will get a bonus Pizazz Point for enchanting a certain shape at a certain time, which I will periodically shout out. You will also be rewarded with an item for every so many orbs you deposit into the hole.
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    • What are the rewards?
      • Player: What are the rewards?
      • Enchantment Guardian: As weill as the magic experience from casting your enchantment spells, you will get Enchantment Pizazz Points for converting so many shapes, plus a bonus point for converting a shape of the correct type. You should also note that you will occasionally be rewarded with items when you put one of the enchanted orbs in the floor.
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    • Got any tips that may help me?
      • Player: Got any tips that may help me?
      • Enchantment Guardian: Try to guess or keep track of the time between the changes of the best shape to enchant. This means you can be ready to run to a different shape when you know it is about to change. Look out for the dragon gems, as these will get you more Pizazz Points!
      • Player: I see.
      • Enchantment Guardian: Oh, and a word of warning: should you decide to leave this room by a method other than the exit portals, you will be teleported to the entrance and have any items that you picked up in the room removed.
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    • Thanks, bye!
      • Player:Thanks, bye!
      • Enchantment Guardian: Use what you've learned, young one.