Transcript of Enakhra's Lament journal entry

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  • I talked to Lazimin the desert south of the Bandit Camp, and he told me he was a sculptor. I agreed to help him build a statue in the desert.
  • I built the statue Lazim asked for, using stone from the nearby quarry. When Lazim added the head to the statue, the ground caved in, and I fell in after the statue!
  • I chopped off the statue's limbs to unlock the doors in the temple, and found a pedestal on the floor above. The statue's head didn't fit into it, but I made another head that did.
  • When I'd solved the puzzles of the four rooms, I was able to pass through the barrier to the fifth room.
  • I have explored what was up the ladder I discovered.
  • I discovered a large boneguard! With my experience in prayer, I avoided getting hurt. The boneguard was impressed, and revealed his name to be Akthanakos, and that he'd been trapped in this form against his will. He asked me for help in defeating his rival. Enakhra.
  • I helped Akthanakos by rebuilding the wall between him and Enakhra. Because of this, he was freed from the boneguard. He gave me an amulet as thanks for what I'd done.
  • Enakhra then smashed the wall to pieces, and challenged Akthanakos to fight.
  • They both turned into hideous skeletal things, and teleported away, saying that they were going north to resume their battle.
  • I'm not sure if it was the right thing to do, but at least Akthanakos isn't trapped anymore.