Transcript of Emotional Baggage

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This transcript involves dialogue with The Exile and the player.

Before Voyage

  • Player: Hello, um... Exile. What can I do for you?
  • The Exile: There are too many people in your port. I wish to go somewhere quieter.
  • Player: That's not reason enough to borrow a crew and ship, I'm afraid. Did you have a destination in mind?
  • The Exile: I wish to visit The Sunlit Veil. I hear it is small, and not many live on its beaches. I also have business there, though I will not speak of it.
  • Player: You won't talk about it? But you're usually such a chatterbox!
  • The Exile: Laugh if you wish. I am past worrying about what others think.
  • Player: *sigh* I suppose I have a boat headed that way. If you don't antagonise the crew, I'll let you tag along.
  • The Exile: That is satisfactory, naabe. I mean... thank you.

After Voyage

  • Player: Did your trip go as you hoped?
  • The Exile: I would not wish to live there.
  • Player: Isn't it meant to be idyllic? Especially with the music of the seasingers.
  • The Exile: The song was the problem. It brought back painful memories. I do not wish to talk of it.
  • Player: You know, sometimes it's good to talk about your problems. I might be able to help...
  • The Exile: It is not my place to burden you. It is my burden, and I must bear it alone.
  • Player: Didn't you say that you no longer had a burden, that you are no longer a worldbearer?
  • The Exile: You twist my words... but there is truth within what you say. You have given me something to consider.