Dialogue for Elite Sotapanna

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Combat quotes[edit | edit source]

  • Elite Sotapanna: Be cleansed!

Non combat dialogue/conversations[edit | edit source]

Single quotes[edit | edit source]

  • Elite Sotapanna: I ache so much from the training yesterday.
  • Elite Sotapanna: Oh, now I understand.
  • Elite Sotapanna: Must have been the wind.
  • Elite Sotapanna: Seiryu, grant me serenity.
  • Elite Sotapanna: Perhaps I shouldn't have eaten those mushrooms.
  • Elite Sotapanna: Where did I leave it?
  • Elite Sotapanna: I hope I find more stormberries tonight.
  • Elite Sotapanna: I am one with the waters.
  • Elite Sotapanna: Should one tolerate intolerance?
  • Elite Sotapanna: Aminishi temple interior, I am not wrong.

Conversations[edit | edit source]

The Azure Serpent[edit | edit source]

Note: Conversation with the three Sotapanna in the first room, after the first barrier guarded by four Elite Sotapanna.

  • Elite Sotapanna A: Do you think we'll get to see the Azure Serpent some day?
  • Elite Sotapanna B: No one has seen it since we've been here.
  • Elite Sotapanna B: The masters convey his messages, but appearances...nothing.
  • Elite Sotapanna C: Don't you think that's strange?
  • Elite Sotapanna C: Some of us acolytes have been here for years.
  • Elite Sotapanna C: You would expect it on special occasions.
  • Elite Sotapanna B: There are more important things to do than visit us.
  • Elite Sotapanna A: Ah, you're probably right.
  • Elite Sotapanna B: You should purify yourself of such distracting thoughts.
  • Elite Sotapanna B: How will you shed that body you're trapped in otherwise?

Guard duty[edit | edit source]

Note: Conversation between the two Sotapanna near the Azure door.

  • Elite Sotapanna A: I didn't think that we'd be on guard duty.
  • Elite Sotapanna B: Well, the pirates think Seiryu is hoarding treasure.
  • Elite Sotapanna A: Pirates do love treasure...
  • Elite Sotapanna A: It just feels strange, to expect violence.
  • Elite Sotapanna A: It is not Seiryu's way...
  • Elite Sotapanna B: But we have a duty to maintain the temple.
  • Elite Sotapanna A: I know, it just doesn't feel right.
  • Elite Sotapanna B: I understand... but the masters said this is the way it is.

Temple Breaching[edit | edit source]

Note: One of the following random quotes may be said by the Sotapanna in the Sanctum.

  • Elite Sotapanna: Stop!
  • Elite Sotapanna: This temple is not yours to plunder!