Transcript of Elemental Workshop IV journal entry

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  • I've found a book with a notched spine in the Sorcerer's Tower.
  • I should read the notched book.
  • I need to figure out how to open the doors at the southern end of the deepest level within the Elemental Workshop.
  • Using the notched book's spine as a guide, I created a 'keyblade' by using a knife on a whetstone.
  • I've found my way to a new area of the workshop. IT looks like more of Vitruvius's contraptions have been set up here. I wonder how it all works...
  • Using some controls, I've managed to unlock part of Virtuvius's cosmic machine.
  • I should try to unlock more parts.
  • I've finally been able to power up the cosmic machine, but it seems I can't power a bar on it yet, as something is blocking the jig. Maybe I should drain the machine's cosmic energy into whatever that thing in the way is.
  • After imbuing the automaton with cosmic power, it walked through the fiery corridor and unlocked the door to the chaos room. I should try to discover how to use whatever fiendish contraption Vitruvius has installed within.
  • After giving instructions to the automaton, I managed to direct it to destroy a temporary wall; however, I still can't gain entry as there is a fiery grill blocking my way.
  • Having instructed the automaton to retrieve one of the tokens from the storeroom, I was able to carve a replacement astral token and restore the broken one.
  • I've finally gained access to the chaos machine. I guess I just need to power it next.
  • Using the automaton I was able to power up the chaos machine. Now I can make a chaos bar.
  • I've made a chaos bar. All I need to do now is to smith a pair of chaos boots from it.
  • I'll need to find some instructions.
  • Following the instructions in the notched book, it was easy to smith a pair of elemental chaos boots!