Transcript of Elemental Workshop III journal entry

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  • I've found a ragged book in Seers' Village.
  • I should read the ragged book.
  • I need to figure out how to open the body room within the Elemental Workshop.
  • Using a key made from elemental metal, I was able to breach the magic protecting the body room.
  • I have found a machine with many levers and a big, red button. There is also a door I should investigate.
  • I've managed to lower a section of the puzzle, giving me access to a new puzzle piece.
  • I've managed to lower another section of the puzzle, I now have access to a really tall puzzle piece.
  • I have made 2 body bars. Now, I have to make a body from them.
  • Creating the elemental body body was easy, using the book for instruction.