Transcript of Elemental Workshop II journal entry

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  • I have found a book at the Dig Site.
  • The book tells of a way to make elemental items even more powerful than before.
  • The note found with the book has a strange code written on it.
  • By following the code on the note I was able to find a key.
  • The key I've found opens the large hatch in the workshop; there are 4 machines on this level to fix:
  • The crane - now the claw has been replaced the crane looks like it's in good working order.
  • The pipes - the pipes have now been fitted and it should work as long as it's powered.
  • The tank - this should work fine now I have replaced the pipe.
  • A wind tunnel - I have fitted all the cogs on to the pins. The win tunnel should now work as long as it's powered.
  • Once I have fixed all the equipment I'll need to work out how to use it.
  • I have found a track-mounted jig on which I was able to clamp an elemental bar.
  • I was able to operate the crane and dip the elemental bar into the lava. The bar is now very hot.
  • I used the press to flatten the hot elemental bar.
  • The water tank was used to cool the elemental bar down.
  • The wind tunnel proved a great way to dry off the wet bar.
  • I have primed a bar of elemental ore.
  • I placed the primed bar on the device found in the room with the mind symbols on the door.
  • Operating the device charged the primed bar with some of my own mind power.
  • I have made an elemental mind bar, now I just have to make one of the helms from it.
  • Creating the elemental mind helm was easy with the book for instruction.