Transcript of Elei's Diary

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Entry 1[edit | edit source]

There are a plethora of people here, lots more than in Echo Bay, and yet it feels so lonely. I hear throughout the temple that more and more people are flocking here to volunteer from across the entire Wushanko Isles. I am excited to see what I can learn from the order, but most of all, I am excited to finally have a purpose.

Entry 2[edit | edit source]

The ascended monks seem to have unlocked incredible power. Today I watched a boy, he must have been no more than sixteen years old, transform into a spirit dragon three times his size. It only lasted for a few minutes, but I was told that that is to be expected for the inexperienced among us. Still, he zapped an entire palm tree into ashes in mere seconds. What is the purpose of this power?

Entry 3[edit | edit source]

I sometimes sneak out at night and watch the reflections of the moon bounce upon the ocean waves. It reminds me of home. Ever since the pirates took Papa, I look to the stars for comfort. I hope he is watching me. I hope he is proud.

Entry 4[edit | edit source]

Today we learned about actual dragons. They are grotesque beasts, nothing like the dragons of the order. Seiryu is a actually a serpent. A wonderful, pure, gigantic serpent. So in a way, the ascension forms of the order are serpents too, and only dragons by name.

Entry 5[edit | edit source]

It still hits me how big this place is. One of the spiritualists told us that the temple structure is actually four times the size of the area that us sotapanna are allowed to see. We must ascend, and therefore be deemed trustworthy, in order to venture deeper. I want to see the other shrines. I want to see Seiryu!

Entry 6[edit | edit source]

Some of the other acolytes speak of rumblings deep in the ground. Aminishi isn't volcanic. Papa told me once that islands with black sand are born of fire in the bellies of the ocean. There's no black sand here, no volcano. I haven't seen sea monsters since I left the Skull either. The mighty Hee-Ra was the closest we ever came to the noises of which the acolytes speak. I wonder what it is.

Entry 7[edit | edit source]

I tried to make a meal from three day old raw shark and leftover kelp. I made a huge mistake. Send help.

Entry 8[edit | edit source]

I've been having more headaches recently. The sides of my head throb and sometimes I feel like I'm not in my own body, is that weird? I woke up from a dream where I was watching myself sleep. Obviously impossible, hah. It still felt so real.

Entry 9[edit | edit source]

Master Masuta is remarkable. He took our group to the serpent shrine today. He summoned water spouts out of the seawater effortlessly. He defeated twenty acolytes in unarmed combat. His spirit is so pure that he is able to levitate above the ground! He is the greatness I wish to achieve. He empowers me. I will be the best I can be, and I hope it is even at least a tenth of what Master Masuta has obtained.

Entry 10[edit | edit source]

I held a spirit dragon charm today. It made my entire body tingle. They say it is the raw power of Seiryu, willingly gifted to those who are worthy. What a benevolent guardian! Seiryu, if you can sense my thoughts, or read this...I don't are incredible and I pledge my whole being to you.

Entry 11[edit | edit source]

I had another nightmare last night, but for the first time in a year it was not about my father. My body was frozen in fear, but my mind felt conscious and lucid. I never want to feel like that again. I felt dozens of hands pushing me forward, sometimes going through my entire body and out the other side. I couldn't stop them. I felt like a walking corpse with no control. I vow to drink more water and to not risk eating old fish.

Entry 12[edit | edit source]

I was made fun of today, by others who share the same dormitory as me, by people I had considered to be trustworthy acquaintances. Someone saw my diary. I know I cannot truly be on the Path of the Monk if I keep a book of my own thoughts. Papa gave me this and I will not be giving it up just yet. Let me purify myself at my own pace! Damn you.

Entry 13[edit | edit source]

Something terrible happened today. There's a sea monster in the temple. It brutally killed three boys today. Why didn't they tell us about this? I've gone to bed early. Everyone is shaken.

Entry 14[edit | edit source]

Lady Himiko gathered our group and told us all about the sea monster. It is a guardian of Seiryu, and it will not harm us. Apparently we would have been told about the guardian when we reach sakadagami ascension. The guardian is there to protect the inner sanctum and keep Seiryu safe. We haven't proven that we are pure yet, which is why they didn't tell us. It is understandable. I guess not everybody is cut out to be an acolyte here, but to lose your life because of it? They did not ascend. They just...died.

Entry 15[edit | edit source]

I'm tired from training. Nothing special happened today. Good night.

Entry 16[edit | edit source]

There are voices arguing inside my head. They speak a language I do not know. I'm not sure I'm in control of my own actions anymore. I seem to wake up and become a golem for the day. I don't remember writing the last entry in my diary. I need to see a spiritual healer tomorrow. I am unwell.

Entry 17[edit | edit source]

I saw something odd today. I was up at my usual spot on the hillcrest, staring at the moon again, when I saw a small pirate ship enter the northern part of the island. The ship went straight into the temple's ocean cistern. I'm sure I saw armaments. I'm sure there were weapons. Master Masuta warns us of pirates often enough. How and why did we let them directly into the temple? What are they doing?

Entry 18[edit | edit source]

Lady Himiko gave a speech today. She is embarking on an emissarial journey to Hanto. The temple wants to expand its influence. I had a shark soup today, made by a beautiful acolyte from Falling Blossom. My stomach likes her. I like her.

Entry 19[edit | edit source]

I feel drawn to the inner sanctum now. Is it because I know there's a sea monster guarding it? Is it some kind of call to the void? Is it curiosity, or something more morbid?

Entry 20[edit | edit source]

There were a few Menaphite sails between us and the Turtle islands. They're far out. Last I heard the city was closed to traffic, in and out. I guess the world moves on around us. Who knows what the gods and kings are up to in the western lands.

Entry 21[edit | edit source]

I've changed. It has only been a few months and I feel like a completely different person. I react differently to being challenged. I jump to different emotions than the ones I used to cling to. I'm a better fighter now. I am more mindful, more in control of my thoughts. Every time I doubt that I am on the right path, I feel a spark fly through my neck, up into my head, and I feel clarity again. I have purpose.

Entry 22[edit | edit source]

The Path of the Monk beckons. Goodbye Papa. Thank you for everything you did for me. I will make you proud.