Transcript of Elder chronicle (item)

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  1. From darkness is born light, the spark of life. The child is full of wonder, imagination, and innocence. Thus came Edda-Mah.
  2. From Mah, the light by which to see, the dark in which to hide. The potential for all life, and a place for all things.
  3. From matter is born shape, ever growing and changing. The youth increases in knowledge and power. Thus came Edda-Bik.
  4. From Bik, the clay to shape, to build and destroy. Form and reform. The changing of states, of forms, of function.
  5. From the cold is born fear, shrinking and death. The corpse lies still and lifeless. Thus came Edda-Wen.
  6. From Wen, the cold to harden and freeze, to brittle and fracture the clay. The ending of things, to break apart. To reflect on the past.
  7. From the heat is born passion, growth and life. The maiden feels love and joy. Thus came Edda-Ful.
  8. From Ful, the heat to soften and burn, to work and fire the clay. The beginning of things, to start anew. To experience the now.
  9. From life is born experience, wisdom and intelligence. The matron is nurturing and caring. Thus came Edda-Jas.
  10. From Jas, the thought to lead them all. The preparation, the plan, the execution. To look to the future.