Dialogue for Elder (goebie)

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With the orb[edit | edit source]

  • Elder: Y..y..you hold the stone of...
  • Elder: There is no time.
  • Elder: You can never let it be freed.
  • Elder: It's not time yet.
  • Player: Who are you? What can't be freed? No time for what?
  • Elder: So many questions.
  • Elder: So little time.
  • Elder: Liberate us.
  • Elder: Free us.
  • Elder: Don't let it out.
  • Elder: PROMISE US.
  • Player: I don't kno..[sic]
  • Elder: PROMISE US.
  • Player: I promise.
  • Elder: ...
  • Elder: ...
  • Elder: ...
  • Elder: It's coming for us.
  • Elder: We can no longer endure this pain.
  • Elder: We are not ready.
  • The elder vanishes.

Without the orb[edit | edit source]

  • As you try to talk to the ghost you can't seem to find the words.