Transcript of Economy building for dummies

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When establishing a new colony, ensure first and foremost that you have the foundations of a strong economy. The following steps guarantee quick and easy economic expansion!

Build three stalls from teak and cloth, clearing any rubble or debris that may cause unstable foundations with a spade. Two teak planks and two bundles of cloth should make a sturdy stall, and you'll need a saw and a hammer in order to construct it.

Fill one stall with coloured uncut rocks, as humans prize these highly:

1 uncut sapphire
1 uncut emerald
1 uncut ruby
1 uncut diamond

Fill another stall with at least 10 bananas, as everymonkey likes a banana.

Fill the final stall with general goods. Vary according to climate. For example, if in desert: 3 full waterskins, 3 knives and 1 full set of desert robes should attract the locals.

Finally, build a tent. A sturdy tent can be made from 4 bolts of cloth and a coil of rope. You'll need a hammer and a knife to assemble it.

If this all sounds like too much work, convince a well-meaning human to do it for you.