Transcript of Eastern Curiosities

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This transcript involves dialogue with The Architect, The Trapper, The Chef, and the player.

Reinforcement[edit | edit source]

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Before Voyage

  • Player: I've gathered you together to discuss a problem that Lidylla is having.
  • The Architect: It is the small matter of a creature attacking miners from my hometown. I have been informed that you have both encountered this animal.
  • The Trapper: Say no more, young lady! It's the shape-shifting blighters! Just let me just load up Ol' Bessie and-
  • The Chef: Hold up, you can't just go exploding them, Reginald! There'll be nothing left to cook!
  • Player: There will be no exploding or cooking. Both of you are going to accompany Lidylla, so that you can keep the miners safe.
  • Trapper & Chef: Yes, Portmaster.

After Voyage

  • Player: How is the mining site?
  • The architect: There have been fewer attacks, thanks to these two. They were most competent.
  • The trapper: I'll take that as a compliment, fair maiden.
  • Player: Did you learn anything more about the creature?
  • The chef: A miner managed to injure one of the creatures quite badly.
  • The trapper: Poor creature seemed to dissolve. Discombobulated into a bluish-purplish goop!
  • Player: So, that's their true form?
  • The architect: It seems so. Whatever they are, they are unhappy with our presence. But we need to mine the material, so we have no choice.

Once More Into the Breach[edit | edit source]

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Before Voyage

  • Player: There's been news from the mining site.
  • The Architect: Further attacks?
  • Player: Not quite. The creatures only attack when mining is being done. Once mining stops, there are no attacks.
  • The Trapper: Most enlightening. Perhaps the miners are encroaching on the creatures' territory. The little scallywags sound like they're defending something.
  • Player: Regardless, mining needs to continue, which means your help is needed. We have a boat waiting for you all.
  • The Chef: Is there time to load up on a few snacks?
  • Player: We are already fully stocked, Carlos. Cook on the way if you can. The miners deserve some good food in their bellies.
  • (Dialogue ends)

After Voyage

  • Player: Any news from the site?
  • The Architect: Yes! We managed to get hold of the...what do you call it, Reginald?
  • The Trapper: Goop.
  • The Architect: We managed to get hold of the 'goop': the substance the creatures dissolve into when they die. The others seem very protective of the stuff.
  • Player: Curious.
  • The Chef: I think they're smarter than we give them credit for.
  • The Trapper: Undoubtedly. We also found out what they're protecting. They eat the mineral that we're mining.
  • Player: They eat rocks?
  • The Architect: More like 'absorb' them. They are feeding on the same property that resists vibration.
  • Player: So, to save your town from earthquakes, you have to starve an entire species.
  • The Architect: It leaves a bad taste in the mouth, but I can see no other option.
  • (Dialogue ends)

Recipe Number 132:Fresh Idea[edit | edit source]

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Before Voyage

  • The Chef: I've got an idea, and it's a good'un! It's not crazy or anything!
  • Player: Last time we followed one of your ideas, we almost poisoned a village.
  • The Chef: This plan has virtually no poisoning! My plan, you see, is to negotiate with the creatures...
  • The Trapper: Give it time, Portmaster. It's not as crazy as it sounds.
  • The Architect: Let me explain. The creatures can only access minerals from the surface. We can mine further down, and find more of it. Once we have the mineral, we offer them half of it.
  • Player: You're putting a lot of faith in the intelligence of these creatures.
  • The Trapper: It's the best we have.
  • The Chef: It has to work! I bet my best rolling pin on it.
  • The Architect: It will slow the mining down, but it is worth trying. Sharing has to be better than wiping out a species.
  • Player: Agreed. Good luck, all of you.

After Voyage

  • Player: How did it go?
  • The Chef: It worked! Doo-da-doo-da-doo! The creatures stopped their attacks and seem happy with the arrangement. Weeeeee!
  • The Architect: It seems that the mineral is tastier the further you mine down. The creatures are in bliss!
  • Player: What do you plan to do now?
  • The Chef: I'm going to travel; see if I can find the perfect flavour. I have a feeling it might be butterscotch.
  • The Trapper: I'm considering a holiday. If it happens to involve large beasts and high-powered weaponry, then I'm happy as
  • Player: I know a Larry from the zoo. He doesn't seem that happy. I hope your travels fare better than his.
  • The Architect: I can go back to my studies. I have heard of materials of structural interest. Some even come from other worlds.
  • Player: Well, I wish you all well in your endeavours.