Dialogue for Easter Bunny (Harvey)

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2009 Easter Event[edit | edit source]

  • Player: Hello!
  • Easter Bunny: ...
  • Player: Hello?
  • Easter Bunny: Oh! Hello there. Sorry, I didn't really notice you.
  • Player: It's okay. I just hoped you'd have some chocolate for me.
  • Easter Bunny: So did I, but it's all gone wrong. I only wanted a bit of a rest. Now no one will get their chocolate goodness.
  • Player: WHAT?
  • Easter Bunny: I know, depressing, isn't it?
  • Player: Why? What happened this year?
  • Easter Bunny: I'm getting too old for this chocolate delivery job, so I went away on a little holiday, hopping that would refresh me. I left my son in charge of the Egg Plant...and now it's all in pieces because he's so lazy.
    • What? You have a son?
    • What's so special about an egg plant?
    • Why do you need a holiday?
    • Can I help?
  • Player: Can I help?
  • Easter Bunny: Oh, would you? I hope I'm not being too much truffle. Er...trouble.
  • Player: Of course, what shall I do?
  • Easter Bunny: You could fix up the Egg Plant so it's working; that would be a start.
  • Player: Okay!
  • Easter Bunny: Now you've agreed to help, you'll need to get through the warrens to the Egg Plant, to speak to that lazy son of mine. For that you need to be bunny-sized!
  • Player: How do I do that?
  • Easter Bunny: You simply go down the rabbit hole. My magic will sort the transformation, though you may feel a little itchy for a couple of weeks afterwards.
      • I'd like to ask something else.
      • Off I go then!
  • Player: Off I go then!
    • Bye, then.
  • Player: Bye, then.