Transcript of Eagles' Peak journal entry

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  • I can start this quest by speaking to Charlie the zookeeper in the Ardougne zoo
  • Minimum requirements:
  • Level 27 Hunter
  • I spoke to Charlie, who deals with new deliveries at the zoo in Ardougne. Apparently one of their associates, Nickolaus, went in search of a ferret to replace one they lost, but he hasn't been heard from since I should head to Eagles' Peak, a mountain to the west of the Gnome Stronghold, where he was last expected to have been. Maybe I can find some clues to his whereabouts there.
  • I found a camp-site in the area where Nickolaus was expected to have been, but it looked like it had been abandoned in a hurry. Looking around the campsite I found a small metal feather inside a book about birds. Maybe if I can find out what this is for then I can find Kickolaus.
  • I found a part of the cliff that looked out of place compared to the rest of the mountain. Upon closer inspection, this turned out to be a secret passage, unlocked by the metal feather I had found earlier. Maybe if I go into the mountain I will find out what Nickolaus was up to.
  • I found Nickolaus within the cave system of the mountain It seems that he has been abducted by giant eagles. Nickolaus suggested making an eagle disguise to try to infiltrate the eagles' nest. He recommended that I talk to the owner of the fancy dress shop in Varrock who may be able to help me. I should take some suitable materials with me; there are plenty of giant feathers around the nest that I could take.
  • The owner of the fancy dress shop said he could make a disguise for me, but he needs the following items first...
  • 10 Giant eagle feathers
  • Yellow dye
  • Swamp tar
  • I should then take the disguise to Nickolaus in the cave
  • I got the fancy dress shop owner to make me an eagle disguise so that I could trick the eagles and get into their nest. I gave a disguise to Nickolaus so that he could escape the nest. I still need to get him to capture a ferret for the zookeeper.
  • Rather than catch a ferret for me to take back to the zookeeper, Nickolaus taught me how to capture one myself. Now all I need to do is take a ferret back to Charlie at the Ardougne zoo.
  • I returned to the zoo and presented Charlie with a replacement for his lost ferret.