Transcript of Eadgar's Ruse journal entry

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  • Sanfew asked me to find him some Goutweed.
  • The Troll Cook will tell me how to find goutweed if I bring him a tasty human.
  • Mad Eadgar has a plan.
  • I got the parrot Eadgar wanted.
  • I hid the parrot under the rack in the Troll prison.
  • Eadgar wants to make a fake human to give the troll cook. I gave Eadgar everything he needed.
  • I made the Troll potion and gave it to Mad Eadgar.
  • I fetched the parrot back from the Troll prison rack and gave it to Eadgar.
  • I got Eadgar's fake man and gave it to the troll cook. The troll cook told me the key to the storeroom is in a fake bottom in the kitchen drawers.
  • I've unlocked the storeroom!
  • I snuck into the storeroom and got some goutweed. I gave it to Sanfew and he taught me the Trollheim Teleport spell.