Dialogue for Dwarven Miner

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Miners near mining sites for Doric and Son[edit | edit source]

  • Dwarven Miner: Hello, boss. No need to check up on me. I'm working hard on keeping Doric & Son fully stocked in ore.
    • How's it going?
      • Dwarven Miner: Oh, you know; I can't complain. I have a pickaxe and there's plenty of ore. What's to complain about?
    • Keep up the good work.
      • Dwarven Miner: Thank you, will do. Mining's what I do; can't get enough of it. Point me to some ore and I'm there.
    • Seen anything interesting?
      • Dwarven Miner: Oh, yes. I've seen plenty of exciting things around here today.
      • Player: Does most of these exciting things involve rocks?
      • Dwarven Miner: Of course. Every rock is different and it's a wonder to see what comes from each one.
      • Player: If you say so.