Transcript:Dwarven Boatman

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This transcript involves dialogue with Dwarven Boatman and the player.
  • Dwarven Boatman: Ho there, human!
  • Player: Player.
  • Dwarven Boatman: Ho there, Player! Want to take a ride with me?
  • Player: Where are you going? Across the river?
  • Dwarven Boatman: No no, that's what the ferryman is for! I'm going to Keldagrim, my home!
  • Player: How much will that cost me then?
  • Dwarven Boatman: For a human like you, I can do it for free!
  • Player: That's a deal!
  • Dwarven Boatman: Excellent! I'm just waiting for my ship to arrive and then we can go.
  • Dwarven Boatman: Mind, this trip could take a few minutes! Are you sure you're ready to go as well?
  • Select An Option
    • Yes, I'm ready and don't mind it taking a few minutes.
    • No, I don't have time right now, I'll be back later.
      • Player: I prefer the mines to the city.
      • Dwarven Boatman: Sure, sure! Come back when you need to!