Dialogue for Dwarf snowman

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  • Dwarf snowman: Merry Christmas! Do you want to buy some snow?
    • Merry Christmas!
      • Player: Merry Christmas!
      • Dwarf snowman: I hope you get lots of exciting presents.
      • Player: What is the Land of Snow?
      • Dwarf snowman: This is! This land produces the special magical snow that we living snowmen are made of.
      • Dwarf snowman: I don't agree with the Queen of Snow's idea of giving it all away, though. If we could charge people for it, that would be much better.
    • You're selling snow?
      • Player: You're selling snow?
      • Dwarf snowman: Yes! Only five coins per snowball. Do you want to buy some?
      • Player: But there's snow lying around on the ground here. I can pick it up for free!
      • Dwarf snowman: You could...but wouldn't you prefer to buy some?
        • Alright, I'll buy some.
          • Player: Alright, I'll buy some.
          • You buy a snowball for 5 coins.
          • Dwarf snowman: There you go. Enjoy!
        • No, thanks.
          • Player: No, thanks.
          • Dwarf snowman: Suit yourself.
        • But what about the spirit of Christmas?
          • Player: But what about the spirit of Christmas?
          • Dwarf snowman: That's right! The spirit of Christmas IS buying things!
          • Player: No it isn't!
    • I want to go home.
      • Player: I want to go home.
      • Dwarf snowman: Very well.
      • You get teleported out of Land of Snow.