Transcript of Dusty scroll

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My dearest Lantania,

I know not what these dark hours bring. I will come for thee as soon as I am able, I care no longer for the possessions which tie me to this wasted land and the living which I earned from it.

Prepare for leaving soon, I shall be there with haste, and with Saradomin's blessings we shall make our way out of Hallowvale westwards over the Salve towards Misthalin and hopefully into the arms of our brethren. I also offer up a prayer to Saradomin that he may help Queen Efaritay in her hour of need and somehow fight these beasts back to the dead place from where they came.

I cry at the plight of poor Ascertes and offer up a prayer for their children in this darkest of hours. So make ready your plans and so soon as you see me, so we shall set for Misthalin, bring only what you need. We shall need all good fortune and speed in this, our last chance at a life together.

Yours, most faithfully, Sialathin.