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Dialogue[edit | edit source]

  • Dungeoneering tutor: : Greetings, adventurer.
    • What is this place?
      • Player: What is this place?
      • Dungeoneering tutor: This is a place of treasures, fierce battles and bitter defeats. We fought our way into the dungeons beneath this place. Those of who made it out alive...[sic] ...called[sic] this place Daemonheim.
        • Daemonheim?
          • Player: Daemonheim?
          • Dungeoneering tutor: Yes. It resembles the Niflheim of our stories: The Halls of the Dead. The creatures within, however, are very much alive...[sic] ...unlike[sic] my fallen brothers and sisters.
            • (Returns to initial options)
        • (Shows other options)
    • What can I do here?
      • Player: What can I do here?
      • Dungeoneering tutor: Beneath these ruins you will find a multitude of dungeons, filled with strange creatures and resources. Unfortunately, due to the taint that permeates this place, we cannot risk you taking items in or out of Daemonheim.
        • How will I survive without my kit?
          • Player: How will I survive without my kit?
          • Dungeoneering tutor: When we were within Daemonheim, we found a number of unknown resources. You can use your skills to fashion them into armour and weapons to keep your party alive. Our contact within the dungeon can give you guidance on each of the items you find. He might even give you some gear to start you off.
            • (Shows other options)
        • Why can't I take my kit in?
          • Player: Why can't I take my kit in?
          • Dungeoneering tutor: Within Daemonheim there is a taint. The metal, wood, even the plantlife are not of this world. We cannot risk exposing the surface to them. Equally, if we allowed you to take items inside, we could not allow you to return with them. For this reason, our seers have erected a barrier. Nothing in, nothing out without express permission.
            • (Shows other options)
        • : Daemonheim?
          • (Same as above)
        • Back...
          • (Returns to previous options)
    • What does this ring do?
      • Player: What does this ring do?
      • Dungeoneering tutor: Raiding these forsaken dungeons can be a lot more rewarding if you're fighting alongside friends and allies. It should be more fun and you'll gain experience faster. The ring shows others that you are interested in raiding a dungeon. It allows you to form, join and manage a raiding party. We've also set up rooms with the specific purpose of finding a party for you. Would you like me to show you? It's the fastest way into the dungeons of Daemonheim.
        • Yes, please.
          • Player: Yes, please.
          • Dungeoneering tutor: It's this way.
          • An arrow pointing to the free-for-all waiting room appears under the player.
        • No thanks, not right now.
          • Player: No thanks, not right now.
          • Dungeoneering tutor: Suit yourself.
    • Show me the journals I've found.
      • (Dungeon Journal opens)
    • About the Task System...
      • (Task System dialogue)

As Taskmaster for Daemonheim Tasks[edit | edit source]

Talking to the Dungeoneering Tutor[edit | edit source]

Upon completion of all Easy Tasks[edit | edit source]

  • About the Task System...
    • Player: I've completed all of the Easy tasks in the Daemonheim set.
    • Dungeoneering tutor: Ah, that's a relief. You can wear the Daemonheim aura now. I have stored it in the aura management interface.
    • Drangund hands you an old lamp.
    • Dungeoneering tutor: This is a powerful aura. I'm sure Thok himself has something like it. When you are wearing it in Daemonheim it will resurrect you once per day without consequence.
    • Player: Thanks!
    • Dungeoneering tutor: Now that you've completed the Easy task set you can also choose the opponent you will face at the end of a floor, use heim crabs instead of a claw weapon, and use a secondary role for your ring of kinship.
    • Choose an option:
      • Tell me about the Achievement System.
        • (Same as above)
      • Sorry, I was just leaving.
        • (Dialogue ends)