Transcript of Dungeoneering Developers' Blog - New Floors

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:09] water was brought to life by amazing
[00:11] design graphics audio why don't we
[00:14] actually have it feel like the level is
[00:16] tearing itself apart I was really
[00:18] excited to work with ademas these were
[00:20] the first Opie season runescape that
[00:21] we've added this much detail to Calgary
[00:23] is one of the last bosses in demon
[00:25] hunting and he's going to pose a real
[00:27] challenge cowgirl has some unique and
[00:28] very good mechanics some of which we've
[00:30] never seen before we've added focus all
[00:32] the boss demons in dungeoneering and the
[00:35] reception from the contents about this
[00:36] has been fantastic let's just actually
[00:38] go for it and even those really hard it
[00:40] was a big payoff at the end because it's
[00:42] like something that hasn't been done in
[00:43] runescape before we started with a
[00:46] meeting that involved myself and the
[00:50] elite model and the lead animator and a
[00:53] couple of the development guys who were
[00:54] working on to engineering at a time and
[00:57] our focus was how do we make the Warped
[00:59] floor look awesome and we really wanted
[01:01] this floor to feel like there was some
[01:04] really malevolent force bearing down on
[01:07] it you know let's have all these stones
[01:09] that look like they've exploded out of
[01:10] the walls and the floors cracks and you
[01:13] know you can maybe see this demonic
[01:14] light coming through it you know to
[01:16] really push home the fact that you know
[01:18] this this whole journey that you've been
[01:21] on through Dungeoneering is really
[01:22] leaning down to something epic the demon
[01:24] princes were a particular passion
[01:27] because you know it's not often you get
[01:28] to design these kind of really big epic
[01:30] looking demon guys so we had to kind of
[01:34] consider the balance of things like do
[01:38] we make them look more animalistic do we
[01:40] make them look more intelligent and
[01:41] having spoken to the content guys who
[01:43] knew a lot more of the more and the
[01:45] history behind them they were like you
[01:46] know not demons are really intelligent
[01:48] beings you know maybe even more
[01:51] intelligent than
[01:52] humans my concepts just a drawing on a
[01:54] flat piece of paper so for me to sort of
[01:57] watch that become something that then
[02:01] becomes a 3d model which then becomes
[02:03] animated which then becomes a character
[02:05] in its own right in this online game
[02:06] it's it's really amazing after receiving
[02:09] the concept I'll take a look at our sort
[02:12] break it down and analyze all the
[02:14] different parts that I have to make I'd
[02:16] also get animation involved get them to
[02:18] look at it and they all tell me if
[02:20] there's any certain areas that need to
[02:21] build in a certain way for when it's
[02:24] being animated for example I might have
[02:26] to add extra subdivisions into a certain
[02:28] area that would give it a more their
[02:30] smooth rotation or movement in his
[02:33] bottom that the weapons hanging on the
[02:35] walls and we had to figure out how he
[02:36] was that great to grab those weapons and
[02:38] attack the player with them what I had
[02:40] to do is I had to model the hand
[02:42] separately with and after building each
[02:45] of those different weapons into the hand
[02:46] so then they could be swapped out at a
[02:49] correct point when he didn't grab them
[02:50] with my weapons off the wall once that
[02:52] models are complete that's when I would
[02:53] actually start adding the color the
[02:55] textures and from the old moves on to
[02:58] animation the first thing we do when
[02:59] we're given the model is we give it bone
[03:02] so we can make an animate we then
[03:03] discuss what kind of animations is
[03:05] needed for this demon for example the
[03:07] Steven actually jumps and flights across
[03:09] this little little trench we can't film
[03:11] ourselves do that so and we just find
[03:13] birds see see how they do it and then
[03:15] try and imagine it on this on this fake
[03:18] diamond guy with these wings trying to
[03:20] care him across this thing so then just
[03:22] sketch out the whole scene and try and
[03:24] see where we're going from there as soon
[03:25] as were happy with it on paper we then
[03:27] go into the animator and we block out
[03:29] all basic poses first so like for the
[03:32] jump he starts down low ends up high and
[03:35] then just simple flying animation across
[03:37] the other side you just keep on doing
[03:38] over and over again till we're happy
[03:40] with a nice smooth animation and then we
[03:42] just pass it on to content developer the
[03:44] water floors are our last and most
[03:46] challenging update
[03:48] our last thing and for those of you
[03:50] who've got the levels to get there it's
[03:52] it's going to be a real tree there's a
[03:54] number of challenges that come with an
[03:55] up day like this and not only for you
[03:57] guys as players but also for us making
[03:59] the asset the design for this guy was
[04:01] really interesting and it was something
[04:03] that me and Chris kid over a course of
[04:05] time you may have noticed from the last
[04:07] video the combat doesn't really suit me
[04:09] so I handed it over to Chris who flesh
[04:12] them out added some attacks and really
[04:14] made Mazzone you may have noticed all
[04:16] the demons of engineering have titles
[04:17] calgary is the warmonger which is why
[04:20] you'll find him right at the bottom of
[04:21] demon I'm in a room surrounded by
[04:22] massive tr11 weaponry thought the prong
[04:25] will do handle was coming and you're
[04:26] right but he's got a bigger one and he's
[04:27] got a Sagittarian short better go with
[04:29] it so watch out cuz this guy is a demon
[04:31] sized weapon switcher I met some great
[04:33] engineering enthusiasts that reinvest
[04:35] and the discussions we had definitely
[04:36] inspired some of Calgary's final attacks
[04:38] I won't say who made the final cut but
[04:40] let's just say if you find him you think
[04:42] he's too hard think about what you told
[04:44] me at Rufus on the final goal of calgon
[04:46] when we all happy with the gameplay we
[04:48] moved on to the last thing which is
[04:49] audio and I myself did the voice for Cal
[04:51] game we had five content developers warm
[04:53] for each of the teams essentially we got
[04:56] them into the booth one by one to record
[04:58] the lines which we got them to repeat
[05:00] lots and lots of times having both
[05:02] personal demons raised the the enjoyment
[05:05] of the boss battle so much because it
[05:07] was like you are fighting a real
[05:08] character the further you go into the
[05:10] dungeon the Moores faster more weird
[05:13] became the area sounds were triggering
[05:15] randomly and just trying to figure out a
[05:18] little bit so it's actually the deeper
[05:20] you go the further you getting away from
[05:22] the surface and the further you getting
[05:24] away from sense of knowing normal
[05:25] reality the dungeoneering things may be
[05:27] complete now but that doesn't mean we've
[05:29] told the full story you'll have to stay
[05:31] tuned for more information about the key
[05:32] people as well as the strange part