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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:11] so when I was first asked to work on the
[00:13] new skill of engineering I was like well
[00:16] it's an amazing opportunity I've been a
[00:20] runescape player for about five years
[00:22] prior to coming to the company so I knew
[00:25] what a profound effect it was going to
[00:26] have on the game and I really wasn't
[00:27] wrong
[00:32] we've taken our inspiration from a
[00:34] number of different places films TV
[00:37] shows other games and it really shows if
[00:41] you were to find us in our meetings
[00:43] you'd hear someone say yeah wouldn't it
[00:46] be great if and we think now we kind of
[00:49] do that and then about 10 minutes later
[00:50] you hear us you know thrashing out ideas
[00:53] you know going to our lead lead
[00:56] designers to to try and push things
[00:58] forward it was a it was a really good
[00:59] process coming up to release was really
[01:03] hectic there were so many things to
[01:05] consider you've got the the balancing
[01:08] the gameplay the graphics all of it
[01:10] needs to be just right
[01:10] and if you came into the office after
[01:13] hours you'd see all of us just you know
[01:15] threatening out some dungeons eatin
[01:17] pizza you having a laugh really enjoying
[01:19] it but you know really tense stuff
[01:22] trying to test everything you know have
[01:23] you got a key here yeah it does the
[01:25] family work over there that kind of
[01:27] thing
[01:27] it was really good fun but yet tense so
[01:31] the latest theme we've added to
[01:33] dungeoneering is the occult theme this
[01:35] is by far my favourite of the wall kits
[01:38] and themes that we've got so far it
[01:40] looks very pretty especially with all
[01:42] the options turned on yeah it's going to
[01:45] take you down to floor 47 so you guys
[01:47] training up now you're gonna get a tasty
[01:49] bit of XP I won't say how much but I had
[01:51] a look in in the whip game and it's I'm
[01:53] looking forward to should we say with
[01:55] the latest batch you guys may have
[01:56] noticed a load of new custom title with
[01:58] some funny hopefully some not and these
[02:00] are based on my personal experiences
[02:01] from the time trailers Paul said we've
[02:02] been doing in the past to start with the
[02:05] chief yes sure I was complaining the
[02:06] chief title basically when we were doing
[02:09] the dungeons mod Hume was never around
[02:12] when we wanted him to help out with the
[02:14] boss or a challenge room or something
[02:16] like that it turns out he was off
[02:18] farming and planting all the K potato
[02:21] seeds to make food for a boss that we'd
[02:23] already killed so it was a bit useful I
[02:25] think to be contributions G another one
[02:28] of the more difficult titles to get is
[02:30] the whoop-whoop achievement basically
[02:32] you've got to go through at least 90% of
[02:35] the dungeon by opening the doors and
[02:37] jumping through within about five
[02:39] seconds of actually opening the door
[02:40] it's a bit risky because you might find
[02:42] a boss and you're on your own
[02:43] especially a party of abandoned you and
[02:45] these guys used to open the doors and
[02:47] then they planned marked targets but
[02:48] they haven't really actually gone
[02:49] anywhere they're still marking targets
[02:50] by which time I've probably been in the
[02:53] room grabbed a key and come back out
[02:54] while making the noise I thought was why
[02:58] did I do the claws so just to give you
[03:01] an idea of the sense of scale of
[03:02] dungeoneering for the graphics team in
[03:04] the whole of dungeoneering we've got I
[03:06] think somewhere in the region of 60,000
[03:07] models for dungeoneering alone we've
[03:09] created it somewhere in the region of
[03:11] 67,000 assets environment storage broken
[03:14] down to our walls the first thing that
[03:16] was made it all starts with concept so
[03:18] started with a generic kit which was
[03:20] basically made up of a base section a
[03:23] middle section and a top section which
[03:25] we then create variants for so the
[03:27] furnish thing was done first then the
[03:30] abandoned theme so sort of taking those
[03:31] models cutting in all the detail giving
[03:33] it age doing it we're from now it's
[03:36] frozen theme freezing things up had a
[03:39] lot of specularity from ice and things
[03:41] that we've added in a cult which is I
[03:43] suppose of the one thing that's taken
[03:46] it's quite a long time to do really
[03:47] because saw that everything is really
[03:49] start from scratch like nothing's been
[03:51] reused for a cult yeah we hope you guys
[03:53] like art I was given the job to create
[03:57] the new Demers and update the hold
[03:59] models as well and the way we do them
[04:02] all in for runescape is a bit different
[04:05] to other games where where's we where's
[04:08] another goes who suggested something by
[04:10] the texture here we're actually modern
[04:11] in all the details so that for the
[04:13] Demers you'll see detail in there in the
[04:16] muscles in the arm
[04:17] that's all modelled in and we try it we
[04:19] model in light as well where we will
[04:21] shade certain areas of different
[04:23] different color different shade so that
[04:26] you all that details built inside the
[04:28] model yeah one of the main
[04:32] considerations we have is at the time
[04:34] the length of animations because we have
[04:37] a kind of a negotiation within content
[04:40] developers and graphics where graphics
[04:42] would like everything to be quite big
[04:43] epic and grand content developers their
[04:47] main consideration is to get this
[04:48] playable and make sure players play
[04:50] quickly and efficiently what we do often
[04:55] get a lot of leeway with is when there's
[04:56] something a little bit different a
[04:57] little bit more unique
[04:59] for example there is a character in
[05:01] dungeoneering where it's like a big guy
[05:04] with an eyeball and the eyeball kinda
[05:06] comes out and EXO has this weird sucker
[05:07] thing and kind of helps it back in and
[05:10] wipes you clean and that's quite a long
[05:12] animation it's called like 10 12 13
[05:14] seconds but because that's so unique
[05:17] this it's actually it looks awesome
[05:20] it's something where I think the content
[05:22] content about this or gives is a free
[05:23] render and a do as long as we want
[05:25] really as long as it looks really cool
[05:27] and the play gets a lot back from that
[05:30] there are three basic categories of
[05:32] music in the dungeons ambient combat and
[05:36] boss we have always been keen to add
[05:39] more adaptive interactive music into
[05:42] runescape and the self-contained nature
[05:44] of the dungeons made this much easier to
[05:46] achieve than elsewhere in the game we
[05:48] wanted the ambient music in the dungeons
[05:50] to be slightly ominous not too intrusive
[05:53] to the players exploration of the
[05:54] dungeons but to give a sense of suspense
[05:57] the combat tracks which play in the
[05:59] dungeons are designed to contrast this
[06:01] to get the blood racing when the
[06:02] monsters appear as the last monster in
[06:04] each room is destroyed
[06:05] music reverts back to the tension
[06:08] building ambient music the boss tracks
[06:11] are similar to the combat tracks only
[06:13] perhaps a little more thematic kinetic
[06:15] with the occult force one of the things
[06:18] I'm most happy about was the the audio
[06:21] they drive me into their office one day
[06:24] and show me all these new things that
[06:26] they've been working on it was just so
[06:28] creepy all these these whispering sounds
[06:30] and things it it just worked really well
[06:32] with the area it it brought out all the
[06:34] brilliant graphics we've already got it
[06:36] it just felt right we were ready to do
[06:41] the boss all right let's go
[06:46] oh and there's a drunk rabbit you idiots
[07:12] kill oh right okay I'm coming oh okay
[07:16] back it was a really great experience
[07:28] and I couldn't be happy with how it
[07:30] turned out I hope you enjoy it the
[07:32] occult theme and look forward to seeing
[07:34] you in world woman seven