Dialogue for Drunken Dwarf (Keldagrim)

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After Forgettable Tale...[edit | edit source]

  • (If the player has 28 different beers on them for the Open Bar achievement)
    • Drunken Dwarf: What a fine sele...selecsion of beers youse is carrying.
  • Player: Hello there! Are you alright?
  • Drunken Dwarf: Of courshe! Why why why *hic* why shouldn't I be?
  • Player: What are you doing here anyway?
  • Drunken Dwarf: I've been looking after thish houshe for my... my coushin? Or wash it my brother? A family member anyway.
  • Player: And where is this... family member of yours?
  • Drunken Dwarf: All over, all over... he shaish he went off to wander all over RuneScape. Don't remember why.
  • Player: Hm... I wonder, I may have met him...
  • Drunken Dwarf: He comesh back sometimesh... saysh he needsh more kebabsh.
  • Drunken Dwarf: Or ish that just a dream? SometimeshI dream kebabsh invade Keldi... Keldu..Keldashomething.
  • Drunken Dwarf: When you eatsh them, they take over your mind, they do! An army of mindlesh kebab eating dwarvesh!
  • Player: Er, yes, well, I think I should be off now.

After Birthright of the Dwarves[edit | edit source]

With Drunken Dwarf III as King[edit | edit source]

  • Drunken Dwarf: Hahahaha! You won't believe it, matey! You won't...*hic*...believe it!
  • Drunken Dwarf: I got so drunk...SO drunk...I thought my cousin was the king!
  • Player: He is the king.
  • Drunken Dwarf: Oh!
  • Drunken Dwarf: Then this calls for a celebration! Let's have a drink!

With Veldaban or Consortium in power[edit | edit source]

Using the memory wand on him[edit | edit source]

  • Player: I could restore your memory using the memory wand.
  • Drunken Dwarf: My memory?What'sh wrong with my...what was it you said?
  • Player: Your memory. The Red Axe tampered with it, but I could restore it using this wand.
  • Drunken Dwarf: Sounds like fun! Go ahead!
  • Drunken Dwarf: ...
  • Drunken Dwarf: My goodness! So that was it! Not kebabs - chaos dwarves!
  • Drunken Dwarf: The Red Axe were kidnapping dwarves and trying to turn them into chaos dwarves! But their process was faulty, and the test subjects all died. What a horrible sight!
  • Drunken Dwarf: And their leader, Hreidmar, was carying a staff. A pink...dragon staff. Yes, that was it - a dragon staff, not a pink dragon!
  • Drunken Dwarf: And there were gnomes! I saw gnomes and dwarves working together! The gnomes were carting off huge heaps of gold and valuable ores. It looks like they were trading their magical expertise for dwarven metals.
  • Drunken Dwarf: Human, we must do something! The Red Axe experiments I saw all failed, but if they were to succeed, the Red Axe would have an army of chaos dwarves large enough to conquer Keldagrim!
  • Drunken Dwarf: Come on, human! We must tell Commander Veldaban of the Black Guard!
  • Player: It's okay. Veldaban and I defeated the Red Axe. You must have been too drunk to notice.
  • Drunken Dwarf: You did? Then this calls for a celebration! Let me get us something to drink...
  • Fade to black
  • Drunken Dwarf: Wa-hey, matey!*hic* A toasht...a toasht to... whatever it was we were talking about.