Dialogue for Drill Sergeant Hartman

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This transcript involves dialogue with Drill Sergeant Hartman and the player.
  • Drill Sergeant Hartman: Everyone needs to keep themselves in tip-top shape! All the time! Soldier? Artisan? I don't care! Let's work out!
    • I want to train agility.
      • Drill Sergeant Hartman: You get on that assault course and you RUN AROUND IT UNTIL YOUR LUNGS BURN! GO! GO! GO!
    • Tell me more about agility.
      • Drill Sergeant Hartman: Have you ever heard the expression 'a healthy mind in a healthy body'? Well, I haven't! But that doesn't mean we shouldn't EXERCISE! A well-exercised body can take shortcuts that those weak and strange people can't manage. Not to mention, you can run farther and you'll need less rest!
    • Tell me about the skills menu.
      • Opens the skill menu tutorial
    • Farewell.