Transcript of Dream Mentor journal entry

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  • I can start this quest by inspecting the fallen man, in the mines on the north of Lunar Isle. There should be a tunnel leading to him.
  • The man still seems to be alive It is best I check him further to see how I can help him.
  • I've been introduced to inspecting the fallen man to see his status. It looks like I need to raise his stats.
  • I improved his health, and he has started talking. I should talk to the man to see if he is okay.
  • The man still seems to be in a bad state. If I inspect him, I can see how to raise his stats.
  • His health and spirit are better now. It is best I talk to the fallen man to see how he is feeling now.
  • He says his name is Cyrisus. His state is improving, but there is more work to do on improving his stats. I can find out what to do by inspecting him.
  • Cyrisus is coming along well. I should talk to him to make sure.
  • Glad to hear he's improving. It looks like he's almost fully recovered. It is best I continue with improving his status.
  • He's totally revived I should talk to Cyrisus and find out what next to do.
  • Cyrisus told me to go speak with the Oneiromancer. If I remember correctly, she's on the south side of Lunar Isle, next to the Astral Altar.
  • I'm going to be visiting Cyrisus's Dreamland! I need to make the Potion of Shared Dreaming and visit the Dreamland to conquer whatever is there.
  • We killed Cyrisus' fear of combat! I'm so pleased. I should go talk to the Oneiromancer to report our progress.