Transcript of Dragonkin research

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Anger-filled note[edit | edit source]

VEK. VEK. VEK. Kranon, the fool. All of them are fools. Now they are skek. S K E K. Dead, dead, all but Kranon. S K E K K I N! Leave it to me to break the curse. Don't fail and give me more to deal with.

Aggressively scratched note[edit | edit source]

Skekkin Kranon is the rak to it. Roake rak. Phalaks will aid me. The boy will come too. Chen on Kranon. Rath on Kranon. We'll seal him, or destroy him. And the roake. More draekeun for this purpose. We'll start prototyping soon, discard veks, try more, discard the veks. V E K  K R A N O N!

Handwritten scrap[edit | edit source]

Kerapac invites me back to work for him and has already brought the damnable Phalaks. Grr, no matter. Perhaps this is a chance to work towards mending the relationship with my father.

Preparatory notes – page 5[edit | edit source]

Kerapac's white dragons seem like the obvious candidate to reverse the ritual. By harnessing and converting their power we might be able to close the passages between worlds instead and then develop that to deal with this chasm to the other side. I'll continue to study their behaviour and ability over the coming days and select a suitable candidate for the prototype.

RR Project: Prototype alpha dispatch[edit | edit source]

Phalaks's proposal accepted. The most durable subject chosen and relocated. You will both begin work immediately. Explore & exhaust all avenues in abyssal-space research here. Disposal methods have already been prepared for early throwaways.

Dusty journal scrap[edit | edit source]

Father has not changed. He treats his creations as badly as ever, as tools for advancement only. I am doing my best to care for this one whilst we conduct our research. I've named her Astellarn, though the others won't use the moniker. 'You're a fool to nurture sentiment on a research subject', is what they said. Short-sighted fools.

Lab advice[edit | edit source]

-Have the incubation vats cleaned for new specimens. Cross-contamination will ruin entire projects.

-Clean your workspace after use. The curse is enough cause for anger, without your leftover draekeun fluids.

-All intruders are a potential resource. Don't waste what might be valuable foodstuffs for your specimens.

Report for Kerapac[edit | edit source]

This prototype is providing mixed results. Giving it the dimension-warping abilities we need to study is making it more aware of itself, and its power puts it in a state of confusion. Vicendithas's ethics are slowing us down. He knows it is destined for termination soon and we may not have time for delays. I've dismissed him to transplanting successful traits to others. We have, together, dubbed them 'pthencaraun draekun'. Be warned that stocks of the white ones are getting low.

Alpha prototype cancellation report[edit | edit source]

Subject has deteriorated into a maddened state. I believe it to have been the overload from its multi-dimensional viewpoints and its own self-awareness. It will soon be too dangerous to keep, it phases across who knows where of its own volition. Organic matter will be recycled once I've finished my observations.

Lost specimen report[edit | edit source]

Phalaks will claim I released it in compassion but he is a lying snake that can't keep a grasp on his own projects. Worry not, Astellarn will return when she finds herself too lost, here is all she knows as home. And don't worry, I know I must euthanise her once she does return, to end her suffering if nothing else. A little kindness might stop those around you from fighting against you or running away. You should learn this, Kerapac, if only that you might save some of your precious time.

Surgeon’s notes[edit | edit source]

New traits studied must be induced into physical biology so that research might continue in the event that death grasps the subject, or should it need to be triggered intentionally. Reusable matter should be stored in sterile vats, do not delay in reclaiming and preserving tissue.

Jotted scheme[edit | edit source]

The shipment of kreath takla has arrived. It might be that we fight fire with fire while Vicendithas raises one of his old projects again. When they are sufficiently progressed I would like to see the difference in temperament and ability when my example compares to his.

Project request[edit | edit source]

Verak Lith was a complete project before we arrived, and my Verak Kreath Draekun pales in comparison as a destructive force. H O W E V E R. Should we wish to take this problem head on by force I wish to continue its development in a toughness acceleration personal project.

Growth report[edit | edit source]

Verak Lith has become so ferocious. Provoked, it looks almost like it feels the curse itself. Others rage alongside it, a cacophonous array of roars fills the cavern every night as I test him. I shouldn't, but I feel a kinship in my own rage from the damnable curse. I must make it even more brutal.

Heavy-handed warning[edit | edit source]

Accidental resource losses increased four-fold this week. No. This is not acceptable. Be more careful with the creatures in your charge.

Letter of resignation[edit | edit source]

Verak Lith was not made to reproduce! You insisted and now we've wasted thousands of eggs fertilising them only to have the hatchlings physically burn themselves out with unceasing rage and over-advanced flame-sacs. I'm so angry, rage consumes me beyond any curse, that you would destroy my work after insisting on being so careful with your own toys. V E R T E N T I S! I'm leaving, Kerapac. Keep my masterpiece, let it be a reminder of what you instill in others.

Augmentation of two specimens[edit | edit source]

What I retained of Vicendithas's old batch have been defrosted and two of the survivors selected. We'll study to see how kreath takla implantations will affect these kath.

Prideful note[edit | edit source]

Maybe this will bring Kerapac down a peg or two. He continues his old sanitised practices to create a strong, bestial monster and gets a weakened runt of a being, the stone-implants only acting as a wound upon it, blunting the creature's life. I feel sorry for it, really. My child, which I have raised with love and care is flourishing. Her crystals hum and she glows with strength.

Cavern description[edit | edit source]

This location was chosen as ideal ground for a number of reasons.

-Its position keeps it well hidden.

-The temperature and natural environment are ideal for hatching and raising draekun.

-The native creatures serve both as defence against potential intruders and an important food source.

Unsettling revelation[edit | edit source]

There's a problem. My kreath takla draekun isn't behaving as before. She was passive to her sister before, largely ignoring her to focus on her own development. In the past few days she's done anything she can to get to her and rages wildly against any attempts to stop or calm her. And, while it would be unscientific to note in my actual reports, I'm hearing whispers from nowhere while I'm around her. Today, after she had worn herself out trying to break through the walls into her sister's pen I heard these words in the back of my mind; 'Do you really think you can save them?' She can't talk, perhaps I'm going mad.

Notice of disposal[edit | edit source]

- Specimen destroyed in an accident.

- Materials are not to be recycled.

- Kreath takla remnants discarded at their source.

- All handlers terminated on precautionary basis.

A warning[edit | edit source]

All experiments have failed. The surviving creature has been sealed. The source of our problems has settled and buried itself in the seas. The sunken black. Ulthven Kreath. For now my priorities have reverted back to this roake curse. All have been dismissed, we abandon this place in haste. Keep away if you value this world.