Dialogue for Dragon snowman

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  • Dragon snowman: Happy Christmas, mortal! Welcome to the Land of Snow.
    • Merry Christmas!
      • Player: Merry Christmas!
      • Dragon snowman: It is, indeed, a good Christmas. Every visitor to the Land of Snow, snowball thrown and snowman made sends echoes of Christmas cheer throughout every single world.
    • What is the Land of Snow?
      • Player: What is the Land of Snow?
      • Dragon snowman: The Land of Snow is, strangely enough, a land of snow. The snow you see here is the original, the primordial...the very idea of snow.
      • Dragon snowman: All snow that falls in other worlds is simply a reflection of that which falls in the Land of Snow.
    • Mortal?
      • Player: Mortal? Aren't you mortal too?
      • Dragon snowman: The Land of Snow is eternal and I am made of its essence; therefore, I am immortal.
      • Dragon snowman: Time does not pass here as it passes on RuneScape. There is no 'last Christmas' or 'next Christmas', there is just Christmas.
    • Why don't you fight other snowmen?
      • Player: Why don't you fight other snowmen?
      • Dragon snowman: Fight my snow siblings? Why would I want to do that?
      • Dragon snowman: In any case, there would be no contest. It is best that I stay out of the fight for the sake of fairness.
    • I want to go home.
      • Player: I want to go home.
      • Dragon snowman: Remember, mortal: keep the spirit of Christmas in your heart all the year round.
      • You get teleported out of Land of Snow.