Transcript of Dragon head (Curse of the Black Stone)

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This transcript involves dialogue with Hannibus and the player.

Investigate Dragon head[edit | edit source]

  • Your interaction feels somehow empty, as if you need something else to properly interact with this stone head.
  • If you have Metallic object (brittle) in your inventory
    • Player: Okay. Those teeth look sturdy and sharp, I could probably break off the brittle metal in them.
    • Hannibus: Sounds like a plan.
      • Smash the tablet on the teeth
        • Metallic object (brittle) is removed from your inventory
        • Hannibus: I can see the tablet. Let me take a look. You're not going to like this... it looks like it's sending us in circles. I still can't decipher it. But there's a drawing of something that looks familiar. I think I saw it back at the lab in Daemonheim.
        • Player: Okay, let's head there and check it out.
      • Leave

Talk to Dragon head[edit | edit source]

  • Player: Hey there Mr. dragon head thing.
  • The statue replies with silence.
  • Player: I really hope you are just a statue and not secretly part of some giant stone dragon.
  • The statue does not respond. Which makes you suspicious.

Pray Dragon head[edit | edit source]

  • The statue accepts your prayer, but does not seem to change.

Rub Dragon head[edit | edit source]

  • There is no genie that appears to grant a wish. Instead you and the statue head both just stand there feeling a bit awkward.