Transcript of Dragon Slayer journal entry

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  • The Guildmaster of the Champions' Guild said I could earn the right to wear rune armour if I went on a quest for Oziach, who makes the armour.
  • I spoke to Oziach in Edgeville. He told me to slay the dragon of Crandor island.
  • The Champions' Guild Guildmaster told me I had to find three pieces of a map to Crandor, a ship, a captain to take me there and a shield to protect me from the dragon's breath.
  • I found the piece of the map that was hidden in Melzar's Maze.
  • I found the piece of the map that was hidden beneath Ice Mountain.
  • I found the piece of the map that the goblin, Wormbrain, stole.
  • The Duke of Lumbridge gave me an anti-dragonbreath shield.
  • If you have unlocked the secret door between Crandor and Karamja:
    • I have found a secret passage leading from Karamja to Crandor, so I no longer need to worry about finding a seaworthy ship and captain to take me there.
  • I sailed to Crandor and killed the dragon. I am now a true champion and have proved myself worthy to wear rune platemail!
  • I can get new anti-dragonbreath shields from the Duke of Lumbridge.