Transcript of Double XP top tips - RuneScape September Double XP Weekend!

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:07] it's finally arrived double xp weekend
[00:10] which is the living embodiment of eat
[00:12] sleep sleep and repeats and we've got
[00:14] some hot tips for you to get in through
[00:15] the loop if you're new to farming XP
[00:17] this double xp weekend make sure you
[00:19] plant trees in every patch check their
[00:21] health as soon as double xp weekend
[00:23] starts you might have a chance of
[00:24] getting double double XP as the weekend
[00:26] continues if herb words what you're
[00:27] looking to Train be sure to make a
[00:29] stream potion before table XP starts
[00:30] ready to combine into evidence if over
[00:33] loads are slightly too high level for
[00:34] you be sure to have your unfinished
[00:35] potions and secondary ingredients
[00:37] they're ready to start mixing as soon as
[00:38] double xp kicks in for those that have
[00:40] access the old city the heaven shrine is
[00:43] the best place for training parents be
[00:44] as the guilded and will the elders do
[00:46] not grant double xp save up all your
[00:48] protein items combat them is skilling
[00:50] them is and portable skilling stations
[00:52] to get the very best XP inside since the
[00:55] first time inventions in gluten double
[00:56] xp weekend it's only fitted that they're
[00:58] the elite skill is included as a top tip
[01:00] you get 50% bonus xp for all your
[01:02] inventor training Joe and double xp
[01:03] weekend however disassembling and
[01:05] cycling your augmented items will not
[01:07] provide you with any during double XP
[01:09] you'll get 50% more item XP and when
[01:11] combined with the enlightened perk
[01:12] you'll get even more on top of that
[01:14] we're really interested in your hints
[01:16] and tips about double xp weekend so do
[01:18] oppose the comments below and also go to
[01:20] this page if you want more information
[01:29] alternatively you want to take part in
[01:31] the time-honored tradition of banks
[01:33] tanning find a spot find a nice
[01:35] comfortable pose and just sit back and
[01:37] watch everyone else's fireworks