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This transcript involves dialogue with Dotmatrix and the player.

Attempting to squeeze through the hole for the first time[edit | edit source]

  • Dotmatrix: I don't know who you are, but if I were you, I wouldn't enter this cave just like that! There are creatures down there that would make mincemeat of any normal person. Besides, the inhabitants of this cave are a fantastic example of semi-symbiotic relationship and I'm just not going to let any old adventurer trample the place and destroy everything. Maverick here can tell you all you need to know. All you have to do is ask.

Standard dialogue[edit | edit source]

  • Dotmatrix: Greetings, adventurer! How can I be of help?
  • Select an option
    • Who are you?
      • Player: Who are you?
      • Dotmatrix: My name's Dotmatrix. I am a druid from Taverley. I normally wouldn't venture to these latitudes, but my colleague, Astlayrix, spoke so highly of this place that I had to go and see for myself.
      • (Shows the other options.)
    • What are you doing here?
      • Player: What are you doing here?
      • Dotmatrix: At first, I just came to witness the fantastic habitat south of here, but then I thought it would be a shame to go home without setting foot in the jungle. The plants are so luxuriant, I couldn't help but hope I'd stumble upon a new herb that would change the face of herblore.
      • Player: Did you?
      • Dotmatrix: Sadly not, but I discovered something even more extraordinary. Would you like the short or the long version?
      • Select an option
        • Short, please.
          • Player: Short, please.
          • Dotmatrix: Ever been to the jadinko habitat? Ever wondered where jadinkos come from? Well, all the answers are down this very hole. There's a network of caves overrun by vine roots that curl up and down, and it is inhabited by jadinkos like you've never seen. Some, at the deepest end of the cave, are peaceful and seem to operate under a hive-like hierarchy. The other ones are warped and mutated; vicious and very dangerous. They attack the non-mutated ones and threaten the balance of the habitat. Anything that can be done to prevent these mutated jadinkos from threatening the colony must be done. Maverick here will have more practical information if you wish.
        • Long! I do like a good story.
          • Player: Long! I do like a good story.
          • Dotmatrix: I was around here, studying the plants, when something that looked like a jadinko, but warped, scrambled out of a pile of rocks. It gave me a maddened look and threw itself at me! It almost had my leg off! I ran away and only came back once I'd managed to enlist the help of a mercenary adventurer, Maverick. By that point, the creature had gone. We moved the rocks and uncovered this hole. Down there is a network of damp caves overrun by roots which move, curl and uncurl. These rooms are filled with mutated jadinko creatures. They are vicious and very dangerous, but will normally leave you alone unless you attack them first. Further into the caves, we found a big room which contained a colony of healthy individuals. They still looked different from the surface jadinkos, but had that unmistakable jadinko look about them. They operated under a hive-like hierarchy. From what I could gather in the limited time I spent down there, there is a single queen, intimately connected to the vine, which produces eggs from which babies are born. Some of these hatch and grow to become guards or males, and the rest eat fruits and climb on the roots to the surface, where they become specialised workers, attracted by a certain combination of plants. They gather food which they return to the hive. But there is something much darker in there. The Queen's vines occasionally mutate, leading to the birth of mutated babies, which then go on to become mutated adults. These are vicious and very dangerous, like the one who almost made off with my leg. Anything that can be done to prevent mutated jadinkos from threatening the colony must be done. The peaceful jadinkos will appreciate any help they can get. Maverick here will have more practical information if you wish.
        • I'm not that interested, actually.
          • Player: I'm not that interested, actually.
          • Dotmatrix: Oh, fair enough. Anything else I can help you with?
          • Select an option
    • Tell me about this place.
      • Player: Tell me about this place.
      • Dotmatrix: There are a lot of things to be said. I can tell you about my observations of the caves. For the more practical information, I gather Maverick can help you out. Now, would you like the long story or the short?
      • Select an option
    • I'll be okay, thank you.
      • Player: I'll be okay, thank you.