Transcript of Doric and Boric tasks

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Doric's Tasks[edit | edit source]

  • Doric: Hello traveller, what brings you to my humble smithy?
  • Choose an option:
    • Do you have any Smithing tasks for me?
      • (If next task is available)
        • (Next task available is given)
      • (Otherwise)
        • Doric: Not at the moment, we have it all under control now. Thank you for all the assistance in helping us grow.
    • How's the business going?
      • If only a few tasks are completed
        • Doric: Getting there. I'm really starting to imagine a new future now; one that I would have never been living had it not been for Boric. Was there anything else you wanted?
      • If only several tasks are completed
        • Doric: Well, at the moment, Boric can't stop grinning like a fool. That's a good thing, right?
      • If most tasks are completed
        • Doric: Our business has stretch out across the globe, we're receiving orders from all kinds of people; our future has never looked brighter.
      • If all tasks are completed
        • Doric: You wouldn't believe how well we're doing. It's all thanks to you giving me that one initial push.
    • I wanted to use your anvils
      • Doric: Go right ahead. Least I can do after the help you gave me.
  • PLAYER:Oh yes, you pretended to be hurt, then you guided me through defeating the cultists myself. What do you want this time?

Smithing for Aksel (Doric Task 1)[edit | edit source]

  • Doric: I do, actually and I bet it would be right up your street. But before I let you loose on our customers, I have some very specific rules.
  • PLAYER: I'm listening.
  • Doric: You must smith the items yourself; I don't want you heading to the Grand Exchange or buying them from other people. We need to guarantee a top-quality service, and that means only selling products made by our own hands. Do you understand?
  • PLAYER: Make all the times myself. Got it.
  • Doric: Now, are you ready for your first order?
  • Choose an option:
    • Sure
      • Doric: (Updated dialogue after mine/smith transcript missing. edit)
    • Not right now.
      • Doric: Oh, well, if you change your mind let me know.
Talk to Aksel

(Updated dialogue after mine/smith transcript missing. edit)

The dialogue below is the old dialogue from before mine/smith:

Sten: Welcome to the tracks. I'm always looking for fresh recruits ready and willing to make tracks. It's experience for you and useful for us.

Player: Doric sent me here to help.

Sten: Good stuff. Do you have the bronze full helms I asked for?

Player: Yes I have them right here.

Sten: Just in time too! Health and Safety has been sniffing round something rotten. It'll be good to get them off my back at last.

Player: No problem. Can I have my reward now? Doric said you'd have something.

Sten: Reward? You think just like that I'd reward you? We're dwarves! If we just needed armour do you not think we would have made it ourselves?

Player: When you put it like that …

Sten: The reason you're here is because we need some tracks laying. Doric said he'd provide the labour in return for some supplies.

Player: I guess I don't have a choice.

Sten: That's the spirit! If you want the reward you adventurers love so much, you'll get to work and lay me 5 yards of bronze track. Talk to me once you're finished.

Sten: (Repeats first statement)

Player: I've laid those tracks for you.

Sten: Excellent work there; just exquisite. I suppose you'll be wanting a reward for that now?

Player: Yes please.

Sten: Here you go then.

You receive 250 Smithing XP and your Gofannon amulet has gained 750 charges.

Attack of the Trolls (Doric Task 2)[edit | edit source]

  • Doric: How would you like to help Burthorpe take the fight to the trolls and stop them killing and more innocents?
  • (Quest interface opens)'
    • Accept Quest
      • Doric: That's the attitude to have! I know you have history with them so I thought who better than you?
      • Player: So, what do I need to do?
      • Doric: Commander Denulth is looking to lead another assault on the trolls to drive them back from Burthorpe. The Commander has asked us to provide some equipment that his troops need: 2 steel chainbodies.
      • Player: I can do that.
      • Doric: Good. If you do well, Commander Denulth will consider setting up a regular order with us.
    • Not right now
      • Doric: Oh, well, if you change your mind let me know.
Talk to Denulth
  • Player: Hello!
  • Denulth: Welcome back friend!
  • Player: I have your order from Doric & Son.
  • Denulth: You have my armour? Hand it over, let me look at it.
  • Player: Yes, I have them here.
  • Denulth: Perfect! I'll get 1 of the men to distribute these to the troops and we'll drive those trolls back. You can tell Doric he has an order from me.
  • Guard: Commander! We've got a problem! The trolls took out 1 of our cannons.
  • Denulth: This is all we need! Without the cannon, we don't have the cover we need to advance on their position.
  • Guard: What should I do? The barrel's ruined.
  • Denulth: Nothing. Go back to your post.
  • Guard: Yes, Commander.
  • Denulth: For you however … I have another task. We need the cannon barrel repaired. Head back to Doric, he'll know how to fix it.
  • Player: I'll see what I can do.
Returning to Doric
  • Doric: Hello traveller, what brings you to my humble smithy?
  • Player: Doric, do you know how to repair a cannon barrel?
  • Doric: Aye, with 2 bronze bars and an anvil I can't see any problem fixing one up.
  • Player: Good, because we need to fix one up for Denulth right away. Can you show me how?
  • Doric: Of course I can, my little apprentice.
  • Doric quickly shows you the technique for repairing a cannon.
  • Doric: And that's how you fix one up. Make sure to use my anvil, though, as it's designed espescially to deal with this unusal order.
  • Player: Thanks, Doric.
Speaking to Doric after having made the cannon part

(Transcript missing. edit)

Back to Denulth

  • Player: Hello!
  • Denulth: Welcome back friend!
  • Player: You wanted me to fix a cannon?
  • Denulth: Yes, the cannon in the watchtower to the north of here needs repairing. Talk to Doric he'll know how to repair it.
  • Player: Actually I have the part here.
  • Denulth: Well what are you waiting for? Get up to the roof of the watchtower and fix the cannon!
The cannon is repaired
  • You fix the cannon using the part you made. You should head back to Commander Denulth to let him know it has been repaired.
Once more to Denulth
  • Denulth: Thank you for your assistance with the trolls. We can finally work on driing them away from town again. Take this as a reward.
  • You gain 500 Smithing XP and your Gofannon amulet has gained 1,500 charges.

Warhammers and Longswords (Doric Task 3)[edit | edit source]

  • Doric: Now that you mention it I might. I've got an extra special customer you can have the pleasure of dealing with.
  • Player: This sounds ominous.
  • Doric: The generals from the Goblin Village north of here have made it known they would like to purchase some weapons from us. Head up there and find out what they want.
  • (Quest interface opens)
    • Accept quest.
      • Doric: Remember - good customer service!
    • Not right now.
      • Doric: Oh, well, if you change your mind let me know.
Talking to the Generals
  • Player: I hear you wanted some weapons from Doric?
  • General Bentnoze: Who Doric? Is he tasty?
  • General Wartface: No idiot, he the little dwarf man who make the pokey weapons.
  • General Bentnoze: He make the pokey weapons? How does he do that?
  • General Wartface: He does the bash-bash with his hammer to make them. Seems silly to me, why not just kill someone and take them?
  • Player: Excuse me... I was told you might want to order some weapons.
  • General Bentnoze: We do? I guess goblins could do with more things to kill people with.
  • Player: What type of weapons do you want?
  • General Wartface: Mithril!
  • Player: Mithril?
  • General Wartface: Mithril! It's fun to say!
  • General Bentnoze: Yes, I'd like mithril longswords!
  • General Wartface: You stupid goblin? Mithril warhammers are what we need for fighting.
  • General Bentnoze: No, you want a big stabber to swing around.
  • General Wartface: Big hammer to bash people with, you mean?
  • Player: Stop arguing! What would you like to order?
  • General Bentnoze: Longswords!
  • General Wartface: Warhammers!
  • General Bentnoze: Wartface don't know what he talking about. Let Bentnoze talk to smelly human in peace.
  • Player: Enough! How about I smith a mithril longsword and a mithril warhammer to keep you both happy?
  • General Wartface: That good plan, human. Even if Bentnoze don't know what he talking about.
  • General Bentnoze: That pretty good. But make my longsword better than Wartface's warhammer.
  • General Wartface: No! Make my warhammer better than Bentnoze's longsword!
  • General Bentnoze: No! Make my longsword betterer than-
  • Player: Stop squabbling you tow! I'll smith a mithril longsword +1 and a mithril warhammer +1, and that's the end of it!
Returning with the weapons
  • General Bentnoze: You have our weapons? Goblins getting itchy for killing.
  • Player: Yes I have them right here.
  • General Wartface: Human makes goblins happy with their gift.
  • Player: Actually, you still have to pay?
  • General Bentnoze: Haha, silly human. No, I remember you definitely saying these were gifts to us.
  • Player: I didn't say that! Pay up now or I'll test these weapons on your sneaky hides.
  • General Wartface: Big human have bad attitude. Look like we not recommend Doric to other goblin clans now.
  • Player: Please don't do that.
  • General Bentnoze: So you let us keep them?
  • Player: Okay, but surely there is something you can give me in return.
  • General Bentnoze: Human makes goblins happy so we give useless junk as reward.
  • The useless junk turns out to be a book detailing some old blacksmithing techniques. You read through it quickly.
  • You receive 750 Smithing XP and your Gofannon amulet has gained 2,250 charges.

Burial armor (Doric Task 4)[edit | edit source]

  • Doric: You might think being a smith is all fun and games, but there is a serious side to the business. You see, one of the tasks we have is designing the burial armour for dwarves who have passed on. I would like you, as our business partner, to visit the Artisans' Workshop and learn the art of creating this armour. We create the weapons with which wars are waged; I think it's vital for every smith to understand what that means.
  • Player: I understand.
  • Doric: I'd like you to head to the Artisans' Workshop and practice the art of creating burial armour. What do you say?
  • (Quest interface opens)
    • Accept Quest
      • Doric: I'm glad. If you make a set of adamant burial armour you'll be rewarded for your time and hopefully you'll learn a deeper lesson in the process. The dwarven smith Suak at the Artisans' Workshop will be able to answer any other questions you have. I'll see you soon.
    • Not right now
      • Doric: Oh, well, if you change your mind let me know.
A visit to the Artisan's Workshop
  • Player: Hey, what's going on here?
  • Suak: You make burial armour for fallen ancestors.
  • Player: Actually that's why Doric sent me here. To help you with making burial armours.
  • Suak: Doric a good man. But less talk. More smithing. You still need to make an adamant burial armour set.
Once a burial set is made
  • Suak is pleased with the amount of burial armour you've made.
  • Player: Hey, what's going on here?
  • Suak: You make burial armour for fallen ancestors.
  • Player: I've made the burial armour set you wanted, Suak.
  • Suak: You're good. Come back when you want to honour dead and learn to smith.
  • You received 1,500 Smithing XP and your Gofanannon amulet has gained 4,500 charges.

A Gnomish Request (Doric Task 5)[edit | edit source]

  • Doric: Do you ever get bored of making the same old items? Do you ever fancy learning something new?
  • Player: I do, but – you know – sometimes I wonder if we're equal business partners at all with the tasks you give me. I seem to have to march all over the world while you two get to stay here.
  • Doric: Nonsense! You're a vital part of the operation. Anyway, Commander Montai has requested some armour for his troops on the battlefield south of Ardougne. How would you like to travel there and make the old gnome happy?
  • (Quest interface opens)
    • Accept Quest
      • Doric: Enthusiastic as ever, I like it! Commander Montai has requested from us three +1 rune swords and four gnome steel platebodies.
      • Player: Gnome platebodies? I'm not sure I know how to make those.
      • Doric: And you call yourself a smith? They're just like regular platebodies but-
      • Player: Tiny?
      • Doric: Don't be such a sizeist! But yes, that's the only difference. If you use one of my special anvils you will be able to convert a normal steel platebody into a gnome platebody.
      • Player: That doesn't sound too complicated. I'll get to work on it now.
    • Not right now
      • Doric: Oh, well if you change your mind let me know.

Talking to Doric again

  • Doric: Commander Montai, on the battlefield south of Ardougne, has requested three +1 rune swords and four gnome steel platebodies from us. You can make gnome platebodies by using steel platebodies on one of my anvils.
Talking to Montai about the delivery
  • Player: Doric sent me here to give you a delivery.
  • Commander Montai: Just in time too. Let's take a look then.
    • If the player does not carry the delivery
      • Player: Well, I don't actually have it with me at the moment.
      • Commander Montai: What are you doing here then? I need three +1 rune swords and four gnome steel platebodies as soon as you can.
    • If the player carries the delivery
      • Player: Here you go.
      • Commander Montai: Top-quality stuff there. Tell Doric he's got an order; if he keeps us in stock then we'll finally have the edge to push these Khazard troops back.
      • You hand over the items and in return receive 5,000 Smithing XP and your Gofannon amulet gains 15,000 charges.

Fremennik of War (Doric Task 6)[edit | edit source]

  • Doric: An interesting turn up for the books, this one. The Fremennik, of all people, have requested an order from us. They were the last ones I thought would be contacting us, especially as we're 'outerlanders'. Do you want to be in charge of this order then?
  • (Quest interface opens)
    • Accept Quest
      • Doric: You make an old dwarf happy to see such passion in your belly. You need to head to Skulgrimen, in Rellekka, as he has requested from us an orikalkum warhammer +3. Do us proud.
    • Not Right now
      • Doric: Oh, well if you change your mind let me know.
Talking to Skulgrimen about the delivery
  • Without Fremennik Trials
    • Skulgrimen: Sorry, I can't sell weapons to outerlanders. Wouldn't be right. Against our beliefs.
  • With Fremennik Trials
    • Skulgrimen: Hello again, [Freminnik name]. Come to see what's for sale?
  • I have your order from Doric & Son.
  • Skulgrimen: Let me see the warhammer.
    • If the player does not carry the delivery
      • Player: Actually I must have left them somewhere. I'll get back to you on that.
    • If the player carries the delivery
      • Player: Here it is.
      • Skulgrimen: Thank you, [outlander or Freminnik name]. This weapon is of an excellent standard, almost as good as those made by our smiths. Tell Doric we'll send word of our next order shortly.
      • You receive 8000 Smithing XP and your Gofannon amulet has gained 24,000 charges.
      • Player: Is that it?
      • Skulgrimen: I should not be talking to an outerlander as it is.
      • Player: Oh, well goodbye then.

Nostalgic Warhammers (Doric Task 7)[edit | edit source]

  • Doric: Actually I've got something quite exciting for you to do right now. You see every now and then someone asks for a special commission from smiths. And today I have one of those requests and I would like you to complete it.
  • (Quest interface openn)
    • Accept Quest
      • Player: So, what's the plan?
      • Doric: My good friend Santiri, in Kedalgrim, has asked us to make a special piece: a first generation black warhammer – the very type used by the founding members of the Black Guard.
      • Player: Wow, that sounds incredible.
      • Doric: Aye, that it is. Now head to Keldagrim and Santiri will give you all the information you need.
      • You can find Santiri in the sword shop in north-west Keldagrim. To enter Keldagrim, talk to the dwarf boatman in the dwarven mines east of Relleka.
      • Player: I'm on it.
    • Not right now
      • Player: - It doesn't sound that exciting to me.
      • Doric: Oh, well, if you change your mind let me know.
Talking to Santiri in Keldagrim
  • Santiri: (Transcript missing. edit)
  • Doric sent me here to make your dreams come true.
  • Santiri: You're the human Doric has been telling me about? How exciting! Come, come, there's a lot we need to get done if we're to make my warhammer.
  • Player: So what do we need to do first?
  • Santiri: Well first we're going to need the designs for the warhammer, and I know just the person! The Supreme Commander of the Black Guard has a copy in his office.
  • Select an option
    • I'll ask him for it now.
    • You didn't think of doing this yourself before I got here?
      • Santiri: What? Just walk in unannounced to the Commander's office? That's a bit rude, isn't it?
      • Player: Yet here you are, asking me to do it.
      • Santiri: Well, you're an adventurer, aren't you? You have different rules.
      • Player: If you say so. I'll go and get it now then.
  • Santiri: You are a kind soul. Thank you for your assistance. Take this note to remind you what you need to do.
Talking to Supreme Commander Bisi
  • Supreme Commander: So, what business do you have with me that you felt it right to interrupt my day?
  • Player: Santiri sent me here to ask you for the designs of the first generation warhammer your Black Guard used?
  • Supreme Commander: He's still after those? Let me tell you something about those warhammers – if you can make one, it will be useless. That's why they were left in the past, it was an awful weapon that we quickly moved away from using.
  • Player: I'm not sure he wants to use it to fight.
  • Supreme Commander: Well, if you're determined, it shouldn't be too hard. Like I said, those warhammers were pretty poor quality. Place the warhammer on an anvil, then hit it with a hammer a few times.
  • Player: But won't that damage it?
  • Supreme Commander: Don't you see? That's the plan! They were awful weapons so we just take an existing one and make it worse! I'll even give you a black warhammer to get you started.
  • Player: Thank you!
  • (Continues with standard Talk-to dialogue)

(The Black guard warhammer was lost)

  • Player: I may have misplaced that warhammer you gave me.
  • Supreme Commander: Thankfully I have another one at hand. Here you go.
  • (Continues with standard Talk-to dialogue)
Talking to Santiri with the cracked warhammer
  • I have your warhammer.
  • Santiri: Let me see it, let me see it!
  • You show Santiri the cracked warhammer.
  • Santiri: What do you call this? It looks nothing like a first generation warhammer at all.
  • Player: I think it has some resemblance...
  • Santiri: Perhaps if you're blind! This is an 18th generation warhammer at best. Awful, awful.
  • Player: Oh... Well what would you suggest changing?
  • Santiri: I don't know, I can't think straight at the minute. Tell you what, why don't you head to the library? They might have more information there.
  • Player: I'll be right back, Santiri.
Talking to the librarian
  • Can you tell me about first generation black warhammers?
  • Librarian: Black warhammers, eh?
  • Player: First generation to be specific.
  • Librarian: Well the first thing I can tell you is that they weren't very good. In fact, they had a tendency to break very easily, which is why you don't see many around these days.
  • Player: What if I was trying to create one of these? Is there any way I could replicate one?
  • Librarian: If you could find something that could crush the hammer in a controlled way that wouldn't destroy it, you might just be able to get what you want.
  • Player: And how would I go about doing that?
  • Librarian: I'm no expert, but there are people in this city would be able to help you out. You're going to need to talk to someone who has a specific talent for working with heavy stone.
  • Player: I'll see what I can find out.
Talking to the stonemason
  • Stonemason: Do you want to buy any stone for building? Or gold leaf?
  • Do you know anything about crushing warhammers?
  • Stonemason: Crushing warhammers? Can't say I've ever tried it, but my stone crusher over there is quite adept at breaking things down. Feel free to use it if you want.
Crushing the warhammer
  • Your warhammer is crushed under the stone crusher's power.
Talking to Santiri with the crushed warhammer
  • I have your warhammer.
  • Santiri: Are you sure? You've definitely made a first generation warhammer this time?
  • Player: Definitely! There is absolutely no way you could be disappointed with this.
  • You show Santiri the crushed warhammer.
  • Santiri: Oh...
  • Player: It's perfect, look at it. It's crushed, tarnished and is barely useable as a weapon anymore.
  • Santiri: I mean it's alright – if you like the sixth generation warhammers. It's nothing like the first though.
  • Player: You're kidding me right?
  • Santiri: If you can't take this seriously maybe I got the wrong person for this job.
  • Player: No, no, it'll be fine! What do I need to change to make it a first generation warhammer?
  • Santiri: Okay, one more chance. So, I think it needs to look a bit more...corroded.
  • Player: You mean you want a rusty warhammer?
  • Santiri: Rust! Yes, that's what it needs!
  • Player: Okay, let me see what I can do...
Using the warhammer on a water source
  • You hold the crushed warhammer under water and wait... Several hours later, it has rusted completely over.
Talking to Santiri with the rusty warhammer
  • I have your warhammer.
  • Santiri: Please say you got it right this time?
  • Player: I don't dare guess. You tell me.
  • You show Santiri the rusty warhammer, waiting for the crushing disappointment.
  • Santiri: ...
  • Player: Well?
  • Santiri: It''s beautiful! I can't believe I finally have such an exquisite piece in my collection.
  • Player: Really, beautiful? I mean... it's no trouble at all; Doric & Son here to help!
  • Santiri: You've made an old dwarf happy. Thank you. Please take this for your troubles.

Santiri hands you a book in exchange for the warhammer. You read it, feeling truly informed. You receive 12,000 Smithing XP and your Gofannon amulet gains 36,000 charges.

A Mysterious Client (Doric Task 8)[edit | edit source]

  • Doric: We may do, but I'm not sure it's one we want to accept. When we woke up this morning a note had been pushed under the door asking for some weapons but no name was left on it. All seems a bit suspicious to me, what do you think we should do?
  • (Quest interface opens)
    • Accept Quest
      • Player: Take the order.
      • Doric: Are you sure? I'm not so sure we should be providing weapons to someone who doesn't want to be known.
      • Select an option
        • I'm sure it will be fine.
          • Doric: If you say so. Though keep an eye out for who comes to pick them up.
          • Player: I promise. I'll not let anything bad come of this.
        • We should try to be careful.
          • Doric: Indeed. When you do drop these weapons off, keep an eye out for who comes to pick them up.
          • Player: I promise – nothing bad will come of this.
      • Doric: Okay, well here's the note and a crate for you to place the weapons in. Let me know how you get on.
    • Not right now
      • Doric: Oh, well if you change your mind let me know.
Adding the weapons to the crate

(Transcript missing. edit)

Delivering the weapons/Investigating the tree stump
  • This looks like the place mentioned in the note from Doric. Do you want to place the greataxes?
  • Place the create?
    • Yes.
      • You place the crate, then retreat to a safe place to see who collects them.
    • No.
Spying on the customer
  • Player: Aww a little monkey.
  • Player: No monkey! Get away from there, those weapons are dangerous!
  • Player: Nooooooooooo!
  • The world fades to black as the banana hits you in the face.
  • Player: Ow, my head! What happened?
Investigating the crate
  • The weapons are gone but you find a note placed within the crate, alongside some banana skins.
  • You gain 20,000 Smithing XP and your Gofannon amulet gains 60,000 charges.
Following up with Doric
  • I have some information about that note.
  • Player: I'm not sure you'll believe this but there was just a pile of banana skins in its place.
  • Doric: You're kidding me. What do you think monkeys would want with weapons?
  • Player: Maybe they're planning on invading.
  • Doric: Haha good one!
  • Player: I was being serious. Those were some spooky greataxes I gave them. How could monkeys even wield such huge weapons? They must be stronger than we think. Who knows what havoc the monkeys could wreak? Have I doomed us all?
  • Doric: Stop, you're cracking me up!

Boric's Tasks[edit | edit source]

  • Boric: Good to see you again, partner. Is there anything you need?
  • Choose an option:
    • Do you have any Mining tasks for me?
      • (Next task available is given)
    • How's the business going?
      • If only a few tasks are completed
        • Doric: Slowly. It's taking us longer than I estimated to hit our targets.
      • If only several tasks are completed
        • Doric: We're getting there. We're managing our supplies for now, but we're going to have to look for further growth if we want to go international.
      • If most tasks are completed
        • Doric: We're improving. Having workers in mines across the world has improved our supplies and allowed us a much bigger reach in the market.
      • If all tasks are completed
        • Doric: Since you secured the Mining Guild deal, we've had to turn orders away - we're that bust! Doric & Son is a force to be reckoned with!
    • No, I'm just passing.
      • Boric: Take care.

Boric's Task 1[edit | edit source]

  • Boric: I might do. Demand is higher than ever...
  • Player: But...?
  • Boric: ...but we're struggling to keep up our supplies to meet all the orders. If we start missing deadlines, we're going to undo all the good work we've put in so far.
  • (Quest interface opens)
    • Accept Quest
      • Boric: We need coal more than anything else, as it's used to keep our forge burning. There are coal trucks to the west of Seers' Village which allow the gathering of coal in bulk. Head there and gather 30 pieces of coal into one of the trucks. We've got a guy out there already, let him know when you're done.
      • Player: Okay, I'll go do that now.
    • Not right now
      • Boric: Are we business partners or not?
Arrive at Coal Trucks
  • Dwarven Miner: Hello boss. You here to help me with mining the coal?
  • Player: Yeah, and I've gathered enough for you.
  • Dwarven Miner: Top stuff, boss. You happy for me to take it from you now?
  • Choose an option:
    • Yes
      • Dwarven Miner: Boric will be happy with this; keep us going for a few more days.
      • Congratulations! You have completed: 'Boric's Task I (miniquest)' - Complete this Intermediate miniquest.
      • Dwarven Miner: Don't worry 'bout me boss. I'm going to stay here and make sure we don't run out anytime soon.
      • Choose an option:
        • You're a trooper
          • Dwarven Miner: Cheers, boss. Anything else before you go?
        • Don't you want to head back to the workshop?
          • Dwarven Miner: Nah boss, mining's my thing see. I can't be doing with sitting in a hot workshop slaving away. Did you want anything else before you go?
    • No
      • Dwarven Miner: No worries, boss. Just let me know when you're done. Anything else you wanted?
      • Select an option
        • How's it going?
          • Dwarven Miner: Oh you know, I can't complain. I have a pickaxe and there's plenty of ore. What's to complain about?
        • Keep up the good work.
          • Dwarven Miner: Thank you, will do. Mining what I do; can't get enough of it. Point me to some ore and I'm there.
        • Seen anything interesting?
          • Dwarven Miner: Oh yes, I've seen plenty of exciting things around here today.
          • Player: Does most of these exciting things involve rocks?
          • Dwarven Miner: Of course, every rock is different and it's a wonder to see what comes from each one.
          • Player: If you say so.

Boric's Task 2[edit | edit source]

  • Player: Are you alright, Boric?
  • Boric: I've just heard that one of our miners was attacked.
  • Player: Who would do such a thing?
  • Boric: It was a living rock brawler. The same type that attacked you when we first met.
  • Player: You think that wizard's behind this?
  • Boric: Aye, I do. He spoke about wanting to refine the spell. Would you clear the brawlers out of the mining sites again?
  • (Quest interface opens)
    • Accept Quest
      • Boric: Thank you. Take this note. It has all the mining sites you need to visit. Oh, and please be discreet about my involvement in this. I don't want our workers to get the wrong impression.
    • Not right now
      • Boric: Oh, well when you want to show some concern come back and speak to me again.

Speaking to him again after taking the task

  • Boric: Have you - have you cleared up my little problem up now?
  • Select an option
    • Not yet.
      • Boric: Can you get on with it? I don't want anyone else to get hurt?
    • What was I meant to do again?
      • Boric: There are still living rock creatures at large at some of the mining sites. Could you make the problem go away?
Mining the first rock
  • Player: What is that? It doesn't look too happy to see me.
All the living rock creatures are defeated
  • Player: Boric, I killed all the living rock creatures.
  • Boric: Thank you. You've done me a great service. Here, take this reward.
  • Congratulations! You have completed: 'Boric's Task II (miniquest)' - Complete this Intermediate miniquest.

Boric's Task 3[edit | edit source]

  • Boric: Exciting times are upon us! After a tough negotiation, I have managed to secure a deal with the Mining Guild themselves to provide us with all of the supplies we could ever need. Well, almost...
  • Player: Almost?
  • Boric: Well, they want a show of commitment before they give us supplies.
  • (Quest interface opens)
    • Accept Quest
      • Boric: The Guild would like to see the owners of the business - that's us - prove we're as happy to do the menial tasks as our workers. As I'm the brains behind the outfit and father needs to take it easy these days, you're the perfect choice!
      • Player: I'm starting to regret saying 'yes'...
      • Boric: Nonsense! Anyway, head to the Mining Guild in Falador and bring back to me 15 orichalcite and 10 runite ore. That'll prove us an honourable company that can be trusted and our supply issues will be solved forever.
      • Player: *Sigh* Fine...
    • Not right now
      • Player: Can we talk about this later?
      • Boric: I guess it'll have to. It's quite important though so whenever you have time, do come and speak to me.

Talking to him again before mining the ores

  • Boric: Do you have the ores I requested from the Mining Guild yet?
  • Player: No, not yet. I'll be back with 15 orichalchite and 10 runite ore that I've mined there myself.
  • Boric: Was there anything else you wanted?
  • Select An Option
    • How's the busines doing?
      • Boric: We're improving. Having workers in mines across the world has improved our supplies and allowed us a much bigger reach in the market.
    • No, I'm just passing.
      • Boric: Take care.
Mining all the ores
  • You've gathered enough ore to satisfy the Mining Guild dwarves. Head back to Boric with the ore.
Returning with the ores mined

If the player returns with ores mined, but not with them

  • Boric: Do you have the ores I requested from the Mining Guild yet?
  • Player: I've gathered them but don't have them with me at the minute.

If the player returns with the ores mined

  • Player: Boric, I have those ores you wanted.
  • Boric: Great stuff! I've already had word from the guild; because of your hard work, they're willing to supply us with as much ore as we need from now on.
  • Congratulations! You have completed: 'Boric's Task III (miniquest)' - Complete this Experienced miniquest.
  • Player: That's excellent!
  • Boric: Thank's to you, Doric & Son are an unstoppable force, ready to take over the world.